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1) is your friend. 2) Avoid the red stripe 3) look at the cut.. Prada sweaters are not cut like that. 4) the style doesn't really fit in with the linea rossa theme (excusable, but it all adds up) 5) Size Medium = 23.5" chest .... I've had XXL prada sweaters have smaller chests than that.. (again, this alone is not a give away...) 6)) Seller = super sketchy. (I guess that's just #1 again.. but it deserves to be said again)
They would be right if every suit had a drop 6 - but they don't. North American conventions (ie. the NA versions of the yoox site) would be more correct listing a 46eu as a size 30, since that is what they are. In any case, I know I wouldn't go in to a store and ask for a pair of pants based on my suit size. So it's still a problem/minor nuissance, in my mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by academe I wouldn't say it's a screw-up. They are an Italian company, so it makes sense that they would use European conventions. The world doesn't revolve around America and its conventions... It is an error. When using the US site it shows the "converted size". So it will list a pair of size 46(italian) as a size 36(US), when in reality it is a size 30(US). Their size-conversion method is wrong.
definitely not real
Could you measure the rise on these? And any chance of getting pictures of them being worn? Thanks.
a couple of nice (or atleast interesting) dries van noten sweaters in medium.. If they were small, I'd definitely bid... One Two
Will you be getting any more PZ or Isaia suits soon, or is that it for the time being? Thanks.
Paul Smith boots, UK10-11
"Santoro" Coat There's a 40 left in this. Picked one up in a 38, hoping that it's Sartorio. Kind of crappy materials (23% nylon) and it's black, but $252 for a coat that retailed above $1500 doesn't seem like too bad of a deal - and with the Yoox return policy it's even less of a risk. Thought someone might want to take a chance on the 40. on a side note, aportnoy, I have no idea how you are the first one to every awesome deal (or atleast that's what it seems...
I'm by no means an expert, but I'll try to be of some help... Quote: Originally Posted by fashion_newbie Click Thoughts on this? I know its over but getting an idea of how old something like this might be... This looks okay, but I don't really like the angle the pictures are taken at. Something seems funny (usually weird angles/no regular pic implies, in my mind at least, that there is something off about the item). In this case, I think...
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