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The bottom line is that this won't work unless you find people who want to buy jeans >size 36.. Which is tough. If you can, then I think it is possible. But there would definitely need to be more organization.
Aubercy Shoes I'd seen those aubercy's earlier on ebay france.. A shame that they are so small . But also currently very cheap (but with a reserve that likely won't be.. but I really like them, personally. very nice shoe) size 6 (eu/france?).. should be a size 7US, I believe? Not totally sure.
Grenson Masterpiece (for Stuart's Choice) 10.5 9 hours left, currently @ 32GBP
If they are modern-looking/not dated, which they seem to be, I think you'd have an easy time selling them... If the pants/lapels are on the slim side I will take them.
Yes. I need more flannel trousers and more suede shoes. Also, I'm surprised by how well the denim shirt looks with the silk knit tie + herringbone coat.. Something I never would have thought of doing myself. I might have to buy a denim shirt.
That's a very nice sportcoat... If it was a 38R I would be all over it at that price.. oh, and as for kellyb.. I've had nothing but good experiences.. And it's even better because a lot of people avoid her auctions since you can't use paypal, keeping the prices relatively low.
The hem looks funny to me.. Maybe a slanted hem with a bit of break would work better? I guess you don't want to cuff them, but, something looks a little off. It's just too straight of a line/too harsh of a cutoff... Or maybe they're just a little bit too short.. I'm not sure. It might just even be the angle, but I don't think that's it. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
ie. something like this would be better, in my mind: I don't know if that's what you're looking for, though. (and I'm not really a fan of vests, so I'd take it with a grain of salt)
I think it looks completely too "try-hard". Vests (waistcoats) in general seem to be "try-hard" to me, but who cares what I think. But then again, you look pretty young (high school?), so it's forgivable and you probably won't look stupid/bad if you wore that out, and you might get compliments, even. But, there are ways to improve this. 1) if that is a french cuff shirt, which I think it is... don't roll up the sleeves 2) listen to the coloring advice everyone is...
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