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There's a japanese izakaya that had avocado cheesecake.. It was very subtle, very decadent. I'm sure you can find a similar recipe on the net, might require a bit of tweaking/trial and error though.
What size are you?
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Anyone know what kind of pants there were? I might be interested since it seems those would probably be the slowest to go. I'll just keep checking both buy/sell forums to see what pops up i guess. A blanket and/or scarf would've been cool if i didn't live in florida There were about 10-15 pairs of pants... There were 2 or 3 pairs I would have considered buying (charcoal work pants, brown denim jeans) if...
Finamore Buttondown, 16.5 Not much of a risk here, and I think this would be a nice shirt for casualwear.. Would probably come in at under $25 w/ shipping (provided that the seller will ship to the US/Canada). Purple Label Pea Coat, Medium Bin @ $300.. Pictures look.. eh. But it's a really nice coat, if it's the one I think it is (from fall 06?). If it was a small I'd buy it. And a medium would probably work for me, but I'm trying to get this sold before I decide...
Trussardi, size 11 I have no idea who makes the shoes for trussardi. Any ideas? I think these will go for relatively cheap, in any case. I don't particularly like them, but someone else might.
Does anyone know why yoox has different products depending on the country you select? It seems a little odd... ... nvm, I am retarded. for another stupid question, is VAT included in the prices for yoox france? I suppose this is the reason for the difference in price?
Quote: Originally Posted by RunningBeagle Authentic? Anyone seen this before? Yeah, that's the same one that can be found regularly on ebay/the forum.. I have it in 38 and it's one of my favourite blazers. It's a bit more casual than most would like, though, and I think that's why it made it to the outlets. Typical RLPL cut, nice materials. You can usually find it for a bit cheaper, and probably from a more consistant seller.
I think you could do better, regardless if they are appropriate for work. If there is one that really catches your eye, I would take a picture and just look for it somewhere else - if you ask on the forum I'm sure someone has seen something similar and better for work. Unless it's something you have to have, in which case you probably wouldn't be questioning it's appropriateness for the workplace. Just my 2 cents.
I was tempted to buy that coat, but my previous experiences with the older Jil Sander outerwear kept me from pulling the trigger (thankfully). But it does look really nice, and at a great price.
read the forum rules maybe? or just that capitalized sentence at the top of your screen...
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