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It depends how you are planning to shop. If you're looking for something in particular, I wouldn't count on it sticking around too much longer, especially if it is something that most people would like (ie. not something bizarre/too unique). It seems like you're looking for a bargain though, and if that's the case, I would wait till after Christmas, and maybe even longer. Harry's does seem to be pretty busy recently, so I don't know how the sale is going to progress. I...
Could you put up measurements for the two sweaters? Thanks
Yup, but I also suggested a new blazer :P I don't think any jeans would look good with that blazer, personally. The blazer is simply too structured. It is just incongruent to the eye, or at least to my eye. Rubinacci (ie. bespoke) does not equal structured. I'm sure there would be a different design aesthetic involved in producing a blazer for this type of casual wear (at least this has been the case in my experience.) I'm not sure this is the road he wants to take, but...
The jeans are fine (especially in the second pic). I think you could do a little better, though. I don't think the faded jeans necessarily work with the look you're going for, so perhaps buying 2-3 pairs of cheaper (but still raw) jeans instead of one next time around would be a good idea? I think Acne Mic's would be a good choice for you (or a pair of rag and bone's, maybe.. but the back pockets might not be to your liking). Well constructed, nice denim, very plain -...
5) Next time pick a better name. "Liz Goldstein".. Makes me think librarian.
Yes, authentic, but older jacket.. beware of the padded shoulders too.
Could you put some measurements up? Chest/Shoulder/Length, if possible. Thanks.
Could you provide the rise measurement for some of the size 30's? Thanks.
^^ +1. Exactly what he said. But its looking nice.
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