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Could you put up measurements for the sz 30 rinsed jeans (Waist, thigh, knee, hem)? Thank you
I personally like this dior homme on Ebay quite a bit. Too similar to things I already own, though.
A bit of a longshot, but I am interested in buying this burgundy lanvin bow tie from the fall 09 collection. I might be interested in other colors, but in that particular style. Thanks.
White or Blue shirt, no tie, pocket square.
The leather looks similar to a Neil Barrett jacket I own. Not sure if that's what it is.
ouch.. absolutely brutal.
+1 for saving up a bit more and buying something nicer. I got a Varvatos jacket (at holt renfrew last call in Canada) for just over $300. They pop up on ebay from time to time and the fit and quality are both in the upper echelon of leather jackets - some are a bit too styled for my liking, but the simple ones are generally a good bet. In the end, it makes a lot more sense to spend a bit more and get something that will last you longer and look much much...
I can maybe pick it up for you. I might drop by there tomorrow, but I'm not 100%. PM me with what you're looking for and if I go and it's there I can proxy it.
The first suit is a burberry prorsum.. I have the same one, and it looks much better with some simple tailoring. And it wasn't all that expensive
Prices will sometimes go down throughout the now or never sale (depending on the item/sales, I suppose), and all items are reduced at the end (an additional 20% off for the last two days -- so some items can get to be ~80% off)
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