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Any info on the specific broker you used or how to get in touch with a broker? Going to LA in a couple of months, might want to look at some diamonds.TIA.
If anyone's still interested, they had the cotton suits from the summer out today (downtown Vancouver) - ended up being $180 all in (tagged 199 and 100, -30% should have been $210 -- not sure how it ended up at $180). Not a bad deal for a casual suit.
I might be the only one, but I'm a big fan of the Ulysse Nardin Sonata Cathedral.
Wow, so many useful answers........ Yes, there are authentic Prada shoes that come in those boxes in recent years. Most of their sportier shoes/sneakers should come in that type of box.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick AFAIK, your body does not create new brain cells/neurons after birth. Yes it does.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurogenesis
Any recommendations for a second lens for the GF1 (20mm as my first)?
I agree with all the comments about synthetics being very bad for the environment, doing what you can where you can, and buying used shoes that will last. I feel like an ass for leaving the ecologically responsible bit out of my OP, but I felt it was getting a bit long and decided to leave that out. It is a large concern for me, however I felt that once you have a material you can find a source for it that is ecologically friendly (as much so as plastics or synthetic...
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic Hi quality leathers i.e. Delicious French Calfskin (DFC), would likely use humane methods to depose of the animal, by using electric tasers which are relatively painless, compared to machetes the Chinese use to save on the electricity. So yes, go with the DFC for what its worth, i wouldn't do business with a non-meat eating businessman/woman unless you looked like miranda kerr, who is a...
Thanks for all the replies. I guess that's what I was expecting. I know there's no real alternative for leather, especially a high-quality leather -- but I'm more so looking for something that is a decent alternative. I.e. When I order a veggie burger(yes, ), I'm not expecting something comparable to a hamburger, just something that tastes good. As for noharm, not really what I was looking for but thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure if the Common Projects...
I don't care for this to be a discussion on the virtues/morals anything of that nature, and don't need to hear about high-quality leather shoes lasting me a long time -- I have that covered. But having recently become a vegetarian I am looking to replace the animal-based goods where possible and to have more options for future purchases, and perhaps to even start a business venture. This is pretty easy for the casual side of the wardrobe, but I'm having trouble with...
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