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Just backed the natty. I figure that over time it's going to become like the dark brown one anyways - best of both worlds!
Anyone know how I can get rid of dark spots on leather due to mildew/mold? It seems like it has become part of the leather and I can't seem to clean it off with anything? Would Renomat help?
Oh shoot, forgot to mention where I am. I'm in Singapore. Cedar shoe trees here generally go for about US$50 a pop.
Anyone willing to do a proxy? PM if you do, thanks!
A little off topic but if anyone is willing to proxy shoe trees from Jos A Bank let me know!
Anyone found themselves having to go a half size up on the brannock size for the Aberdeen last? Trying to figure out if a pair slightly bigger than my usual would fit.
Can't you just look at the label on the end of the sleeve? Lol.
Yeah would have been great if the vachetta stuff wad on sale. Good enough for now though. Will do, cheers!
Awesome! Just picked it up along with the tan braided belt. Thanks a bunch for the heads up!
Anyone got a recommendation for a tan leather folio - maybe even one that'll hold a 13inch Macbook Air (not strictly necessary but nice to have)? Under $300 preferably.
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