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real cashmere comes from india
never mind old peeps
coats like that must suit you though.. I would sell it for real
Quote: Originally Posted by tlfurbay Attachment 10246 Attachment 10247 Attachment 10248 Attachment 10249Attachment 10246 Attachment 10247 Attachment 10248 Sorry for the extra pics... lovely
can you treat us with some more eye candy though?
looks really nice but can't compare with Brioni bespoke I'll tell ya
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan The two diagonal lines making up the triangle aren't really an issue, from my understanding. But they're going to tweak the back a little to get rid of the horizontal excess. It just doesn't look natural to me. I would take your jacket back for real and get the problem fixed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zegnamtl The jacket looks great from the front, but the back is a little troublesome, is it just this one frame, or does it always have this effect? that indeed looks kinda odd
got any pics?
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