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Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano Are you not been sarcastic about his clothes? hell no I love his style
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano Where is this coming from? He is a comedian/actor/musician and is pretty good at what he does. The way he dresses is him. He isn't a banker so he shouldn't dress like one. Whether he dresses how YOU like or would dress is irrelevant. The man has his own way of doing things and thank God we have people like him and the whole world isn't Style Forum. what are you talking about?
nuff said
this guy knows how to dress.. damn
true porn
treat him to an asian hooker?
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Brioni in a pique weave, followed by a John Smedley in Sea Island cotton. Would love to try one of Alex Kabbaz's (joint venture with Zimmerli). nice, got some pics?
class thread
it's just a pic I found on yahoo to give you an indication
I would go with this, purple is my colour..
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