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I guess your arms are kinda big, not sure this is fixable
cucumber slices my friend
I like greys very much allthough I already have a slim fitted hugo boss blazer allready, also on discount though, call me a hunter lol
Allright SF geeks this is me, I am East Indian (Punjabi) and I have a nice tan.. never mind the 'hot' as my girl made this stuff anyway.. I have to choose between: http://cdn.is.bluefly.com/mgen/Bluef...157&height=188 http://cdn.is.bluefly.com/mgen/Bluef...157&height=188 http://cdn.is.bluefly.com/mgen/Bluef...157&height=188 It's d&g from bluefly'on discount what would suit my type and skin colour best? you tell me..lol
Allright SF geeks this is me, never mind the 'hot' my girl did this pic I am East Indian, Punjabi btw
h&m suits ain't that bad at all
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah It's a good thing your mom doesn't like smart guys. you wanna tell me your mom does?
your IQ is gay
don't hate he's a great actor check out Ray
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano Then I misunderstood you. However, you could find better examples. The 5 inch peak lapel, with the tiny shirt collar and red tie is not his best, to say the least. np I myself would wear his suits for real
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