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Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman I like this one above. The striping will match the chinstrip. that must be you?
Quote: Originally Posted by aragon765 as a Brioni bespoke man, I would think you would have the answer for the experts!! it doesn't matter I just wanted to know how you SF geeks feel about the discount suits
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog People are not responding because we have nothing to work with here. All you give us is a sepia photo of your face. How are we supposed to see your skin tone? Try posting a color pic of yourself that shows your whole body. can't you see my skin tone in the 'eye' pic
experts where you people at man
why change yourself, enjoy yourself carpe diem my friend you live only but once..
Anyone tried the Chicken Biryani rice? With some seekh kebabs and Indian bread this makes one of my favourite meals in a restaurant.
I guess your arms are kinda big, not sure this is fixable
cucumber slices my friend
I like greys very much allthough I already have a slim fitted hugo boss blazer allready, also on discount though, call me a hunter lol
Allright SF geeks this is me, I am East Indian (Punjabi) and I have a nice tan.. never mind the 'hot' as my girl made this stuff anyway.. I have to choose between: It's d&g from bluefly'on discount what would suit my type and skin colour best? you tell
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