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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Excellent observations. I always considered the Mao jacket derivative of the Nehru jacket, and the clue might very well lie in the age old emperor vs maharaja question. I will ponder this on my own throne. - B
I am also (east) Indian: take a look at my topic: For your hair: short spikes, always good Shirts: baby-blue, olive green, browns Get some suits, d&g, moschino to begin with Leather stuff looks good on tanned people a nice jacket or coat,whatever.. Experiment and keep an eye on this forum and you will be ok
use ghee for the authentic taste
right on
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria In their heydey, remarkable and the most stunning in the world: These days, not so remarkable or stunning. This is just my opinion. Others feel strongly otherwise. - B well you can wear those of you like most stunning I know are clothes of ancient Maharajas and Maharanas of India, and still the finest sarees are the most outrageous designs in clothing I have ever seen..
bollywood fan huh?
get some nice clothes made directly in your size by the HK Indian tailors good quality cheap stuff!
yeah roti and chicken curry in the caribbean style is delicious
yeah makes me sick
Quote: Originally Posted by MilanoStyle Because they don't need to. If you don't know anything, at least be nice when asking questions. what do you mean 'I don't know anything' I just want to know peoples opinion about both styles and which they prefer it ain't that hard
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