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Are you sure? So who are the real people behind the power of America? It certainly isn't the president who is just a puppet. Is it the Jews (no offense)
How great is their power in the States? I mean they control the banks, the reserves and the national oil. Even banks of Europe are actually controlled by Rothschilds? Is this true or just some conspiracy theory?
what's the difference between regular and mexican coke?
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater What's wrong with calling them goons and thugs? Seems to me that he was pretty much right on the money. Goons and thugs are the ones that control the US banks.
How frustrated..
double cheese double sausage
I like Hip Hop culture but there is no way in hell I'm going to walk around with a scarf on my head, that my friend, looks pathetic
www.yoox.com www.bluefly.com
Quote: Originally Posted by aragon765 Point being? Are you really trying this hard to be the new award winning troll, or are you just completely clueless? You received the help you needed in your other thread, I am unsure what the point of any of your subsequent (or prior) posts is.... I'm sure you are unsure
Quote: Originally Posted by jkennett a yellow cola? what does it taste like
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