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yes, those tassel loafers are quite horrid.
how very apropos. Deep Throat also comes to mind.
jebus christos, how big is your monitor?
Quote: Originally Posted by JBZ Agree that the movie was crap. Agree that Scarlett isn't the next coming of Meryl Streep, but looked amazing in the movie. Was dissapointed that, in an R rated, sexually charged film, neither Scarlett nor Hilary Swank got naked. Mia Kirshner did, but to paraphrase State and Main, I can draw her boobs from memory. every other episode of the L-Word, which I never watch
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T So I am watching Black Dahlia now. Crap. Pure crap. But isn't Mia Kirshner beautiful?
i think you should size up but i'm not very hip
who's that in your avatar and why is she cringing?
Quote: Originally Posted by drays4life If you were looking for boots or suede shoes, whom would you rather choose? I would like high quality shoes even if a little on the casual end. Plus, I live in the Midwest and suede is considered dressy here, so I might get more wear out of them than some more satorially accomplished locales. I would also like to hear any reccomendations on cheaper alternatives. these are...
slim shoes are elegant. these shoes are phallical. that being said, there is a certain charm to them.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigwhale Anybody know how the sizing works for tshirts? I want to order a M, is that a 1 or 2 for APC? that would be a 2 Quote: I just got this for my duffel coat it's rather maddening. the sale prices are very attractive but all the items in my size are usually sold out well beforehand.
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