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Hey all, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about a year ago and while I am on levothyroxine, I'm still being switched from dosage to dosage trying to get the right amount, which hopefully should be soon. In any case, since I've been diagnosed (and a while before), I've put on about 15lbs. (Went from 5'8" ~135lbs to ~152lbs) I haven't been very active in that time however and my diet has been pretty mediocre, though I am striving to improve that. My question is this,...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I'm pretty sure it's a slim fit. I lay the shirt flat and measure all the way across, not just seam to seam. The h&m small i have certainly isn't as slim as the BoO in the body or the arms. H&M must not be very consistent then, I'm getting 18.5" all the way across. Oh well; I guess I'll be going with the S in BoO then. (As a side note, I wear S in AA and XS in the Gap's 'fitted' line, am I underestimating...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Yea, it's a true small fit. The H&M button up i have has to be at least 19.75-20.25" pit to pit Really? Is it a slim fit? The one I have is around 18.5" pit to pit.
So I'm looking at purchasing a Band of Outsiders shirt, but I cannot seem to find measurements for them anywhere. In any case, I wear a small in H&M's slim fit dress shirts and they fit near perfectly, what size would be best in BoO?
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Well you thought wrong. Yeah.. I saw that. They won't ship to Canada though, which is why I ended up at ebay.
Hi everyone, I ended up buying an RL custom fit polo off of eBay last night for about $50. Now though, I'm not sure if I ended up buying real or fake (since the tag seems a bit off, namely the size tag seems to be a bit large); though I might add that the seller had about 18,000 feedbacks with about 99.9% positive. In any case, here are the pictures that I've mirrored from eBay:
I just ordered what appears to be the last Organic Pullover, really looking forward to getting it. How long will it take to ship out?
Errr, whoops. I was looking at the Flicker II, not the Spanker II, my bad. In any case, can anyone (coldrice?) say anything about the quality and durability of the Wings. I've seen very very few pictures online and I don't really want to drop $200 on a wallet that may not be worth it.
Looking for a little advice, I'm probably going to buy a wildswans wallet, the Wings to be precise. Has anyone handled this wallet in person or have any others to suggest? I noticed the Spanker II (which has received a lot of praise) is about double the price of the Wings while having a very similar aesthetic to the Wings. This kind of makes me think there might be a quality difference between the two, but that's probably unfounded. Does anyone have any information on it?
Take a look at JFold wallets, I hear good things.
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