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Quote: Originally Posted by jarude A little late, but so fucking irritating. Just because buddy's a doctor doesn't make him right. PhD in nutrition, then maybe, but some family doctor, fuck off. I've heard outrageous claims from many doctors in many professions. edit: Christ all you people, if you want to lose weight, find out your BMR. use the harris-benedict equation, then subtract 500 calories. then you have the number of calories you need to...
BiG rocks, nuff said. I am sure there are plenty of ppl here who shop there, but like someone else mentioned maybe they just can't discount for whatever reason.
Yea this is something I have noticed as well...there seems to be a huge disconnect between models (who many hold up as the pinnacle of beauty or whatever) and the type of women men actually seem to like. If I were a Brad Pitt type who could have basically anyone I wanted I don't think I would be chasing after super models either to be honest. True though, models are supposed to be showing off the clothes so that makes sense.
Not surprising, there are a lot of vista haters at work and then it turns out they have never used it? Wtf? I use Apple at home, XP at the office, and SUSE in the data center. Turns out they all work just fine for me? Apparently Vista has been a huge failure according to IT so they have scrapped all plans to upgrade from XP until Windows 7. I have no idea what the problems are, but that's what they said. I have one of those action pack subscriptions through work so I...
Quote: Originally Posted by contactme_11 I'm sure she is jealous but it's really stupid because she's married and has kids already. Why does she have to try so hard to ruin my life? Because she is a woman?
A guy at work was just talking about this...apparently he saved every single assignment/test/etc from HS/college and kept every single book as well. I thought he was nuts, but it looks like maybe I am the weird one. I would throw that stuff away the second I got it back (ie: teacher hands it back to me, I look at grade, I recycle). I also used to sell my textbooks back the very first day of finals (not even waiting for the actual final) just to ensure I could sell...
Quote: Originally Posted by TwistrSell3x Around this time of the summer, a nice Bikini is good to get for a girl. She won't expect it and she will love you for that. What?
I know gay guys who would say that shit is too fem for a man.
Don't forget Voodoo Donuts after the bars all close. Nothing like waiting in line at 3am to get a donut looking like this:
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Shows where you're from. When I saw the title of this thread I immediately thought, "Besides 'The Goonies'?" Don't forget that Kindergarten Cop movie. Uhm, that's it I think.
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