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The mens section at my local Goodwill is always a mess. Not only that, but most of the quality mens sportcoats, suits and shirts that I've found are in the womens section. It's almost to the point that I don't even check the mens section anymore.
I went through a similar experience when I started to dress less casually several years ago. Among my friends, casual means t-shirts and sneakers. When I started hanging out with them in button downs and my trusty Craftsmen from RM Williams I did feel a bit anxious and got some comments. However in time my new clothes just started to feel like my second skin and I stopped thinking about it. Just keep pushing yourself and in time you will feel at home regardless of what...
Here are my regrets: A black DKNY suit that I wore to several job interviews after college. Trousers from Zara's made with polyester, rayon and elastin. To be fair they looked great when I bought them but aged terribly. In general, clothes and suits that were 2 sizes too large.
Great looking shoes. The light green shoe on the second page of the scans, model 3553, what kind of material is that? Looks strange but interesting.
I have a leather wallet from polo that smells a bit like salmon. However, it's not offensive enough to stop using it.
My mother is 4'10, father is 5'9. I got stuck somewhere in the middle at 5'5.
I bought a few shirts about a month ago, one white and one lilac. When I got them in the mail I was really disapointed. The shirt material is so thin that you can see whatever shirt you are wearing underneath. If I don't hold the lilac shirt up next to the white one, you can barely tell the difference because the color is so weak. I'd stay clear of these, even at 50% off
If you want to see your abs, I suggest shedding your body fat percentage. You can do this by doing cardio. If you are currently doing a weight training regiment, I suggest following your lift workout with 20 to 30 minutes of cardio. Personally I think running (not on a treadmill) is best. Start out with 10 minutes of a easy jogging. Follow this with 15 minutes of interval training. This is best done on a track by sprinting at about 85% effort for the straightaways...
Where can one purchase those puma van slobbe Rudy Dasslers? Would I find them somewhere in NYC or are they internet only? I especially like the green version, they are hot!
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