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Does anybody have sizing recommendations for a 32 denim waist size (not true waist, but denim size)? I assume that these would be true to size, possibly 1 up, but just checking. edit: that is, the 936, not the 13mwz.
I apologize, with research I was able to find answers for questions 2 and 3, apparently the selvadge is poor quality, and I'll leave off on asking about durability until I have the cash to drop on Iron Hearts or Samurais. However, I wasn't able to find any results for unwashed 501 STF's, so I'd like to let that one stand.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini 1) search. 2) search. 3) See steps 1 and 2. Have a nice meal, maybe a glass of hearty wine, go for a smoke (if such is your pleasure), and then return to the computer. Search again. The following errors occurred with your search: Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. I'm sorry, completely my fault. I thought maybe this was The Ultimate Jean Help/Question/Recommendation Thread For...
Has anybody treated the Levi 501 STF as selvedge, i.e., not washed them for ~6 months? Also, has anybody had experience with the actual Rigid Selvadge version of the 501's? And which company in the selvedge universe has the best reputation for all around durability?
Has anybody had any experience with the Academi Relaxed Selvage? Is the Grey that much different from the Indigo, are there sizing issues, is the denim/construction good? Only 64$ plus shipping. 14 oz too.
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