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thanks a lot, I'll check it out
closeup: idea of what it looks like in clothes: I came across this coat of my fathers. He bought it in Ireland in the early 80's. I found a label on it (Dunn & Co., Great Britain), but google has turned up nothing. If possible, I would like to know if there is a brand that sells fabric like this or clothes made out of the fabric. I checked harristweedshop and there was nothing there similar to this.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Nepenthes NY: (btw, IIRC, Angelo has a hand in the design of the Nepenthes NY stuff) Could you post measurements of the jeans? They seem really interesting EDIT: Did you even buy them?
How old are the sams, and are they soaked/altered/etc? could we get more pics please? Thanks.
I'm interested in the Ezra Fitch. PM me.
double post
More pics of the CPs?
Does this pic represent the true color?
Kiya- As more people begin buying denim in California, do you imagine you would ever expand your brand offerings, in the next 3-5 years? Perhaps adding SDA, PBJ, or Samurai? It may be a long way ahead to think about, but you are really in the position of denim KING to the Bay Area. Lots of people will have disposable income, and diversification could really help you. It's not as though you'll have a warehouse full of jeans. You order relatively small numbers of...
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