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hem on 2nd pair of muji pants please?
why doesn't odin have the grey cambridge pant online or instock yet?
raf measurements?
timpo what pants are you wearing in the first pic
so the pants generally fit like an inch small in the waist, right? do the cinch, cambridge, and fatigue pants fit differently? THe cinch pants look regular-slim to me and the fatigue's name would suggest a relaxed fit. and the quilted cinch pants, how heavy is the lining? are there any uk people down to proxy? where will the fatigue pant be stocked? sorry for all the questions and no contribution, but the grey herringbone looks amazing, and I'm curious about...
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran Had a local tailor make me a chambray shirt: How much was that, excluding fabric?
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher Okay, I recently discovered after converting my wardrobe to "style forum approvedness" it's boring as hell !! Sure none of my HS peers wear a slim-fitting minimalist style of clothes like me, but still !! Right now I wear white stan smiths, off white vans authentics, APC NS's (which I hate now), Nudie AJDH, and solid color plain T's or polos. Occasianally my AA grey hoodie and assphalt track jacket. I'm in FL so...
anybody know who is stocking any of the floral pants or shorts
does the description '8 oz denim' below the pic of the guy wearing the engineer jacket refer to his pants or to the shirt in the pic directly below?
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