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for sure tucked unless you're wearing loose eg pants and only then if you're a chill japanese man. also, I know the irving pants aren't in line with what the rest of what eg's doing, but how do they fit? tts? look pretty slim
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Where'd you get em, CS? SECONDED IN THE HUGEST FASHION
yeah an xs in that melton jacket would really mess with fit proportions with those pants
OP, I'd say a good way to research is to look in recent purchase threads for brands you're looking to carry, then pm the poster about where they got it, how easy it was, etc. You've probably already done that, though. And make sure that people are buying the brands, lol. Some of anoutcommune, facetasm, and undercoverism would be cool. btw the jap denim thing is too niche imo for more than a couple stores in the nation.
how heavy are the ranger pants? ok for late fall DC?
Quote: Originally Posted by stickshift Does anyone know where to get a denim necktie? I saw one in once in a WAYWT pic. or chambray, or khaki, etc. unrelated, does anybody on this forum do a US proxy?
what n(n) did they have?
Will you be using that Donegal fabric for pants at all?
since when has that crossed your mind fit pic is mandatory
when will odin get the cambridge pant? p.s. any uk members in here?
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