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No, I don't think he returned it.
you think you'll grow in college? You might find that the creases you form now migrate north if you do.
what the title says. 20 free dollars. PM me for my paypal address. Once I receive the money I'll PM you the code.
so those trousers --> 8 oz chambray + 12 oz wool = 20 oz, respectable wonder why most people selling trad suit components bought by people buying selvedge don't list weight one of those details
survival? idgi YM: No, I live at the beach. I wish I could be an outdoorsman like Mr. Yuketen! But for me it's only hiking and fishing. prob just a mistranslation ps anybody speak japanese?
Q: what is the difference between outdoorsmanship and (hiking and fishing)?
Quote: Originally Posted by canstyleace ^ +1! I love pale skin/dark hair/light color eyes, that's the killer combo right there, dont usually stray far from that, save for amanda kerr and some other rare exceptions. since you guys are so into looking at girls let me help you a bit thats Miranda Kerr
good look man I'm sure we'd all appreciate more fit pics from you just due to the volume of pieces of this aesthetic you buy not to say you haven't been obliging, and maybe posting personal pics on the web isn't for you good shit tho regardless
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 They aren't too high if you wear a standard trouser rise pants (somewhere around 10.5" rise or so). I own the navy/wine madras from last SS season and it works well for me tucked with pants of that rise. nice, I've always thought they were one of eg's more difficult pieces. Anyone got something to say about irving pants? I feel like I can trust Daiki with slim cuts because of wwm
only too high if you're not wearing 19th century pants with massive rises, right?
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