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I get tons of people I'd love to tell where to go. I dont, I wish I was Carl. He's my hero now.
If you had already washed it 3 times and you are not planning to wear it in the average workplace or sit down or eat or gain 1 lb at Christmas....then ok. However its just out of the packet. Say goodbye to your money....or circulation to your extremities.
you have a fairly normal body type, you have sloping, rounded shoulders thats all. the shirt fits well except for a little less in shoulder/sleeve - 0.5 either side, maybe an inch of the waist but better still 2 x 0.5 darts. possibly 0.5 off the armhole circumference
I would say looking at you posture you need the darts. Overall the shirt looks good, perhaps slightly wide int the yoke - 1/2" or so. A little tight in the chest again 1/2" or so.
ordered 23 Dec recieved 23 Jan all the measurements were as asked for. I await to see if the shrinage allowance i put in was appropriate... its had 1 wash so far and things seem to have shrunk about 1/8"
As far as I can tell this degree of difference is pretty normal and down to fabric variation. Its been the same with every custom shirt Ive ever had. Always makes me wonder when posters talk about quarter inch this or that when all fabrics vary and some shrink much more than others, making super accurate measurements pointless. Queue someone else chiming in saying they always cold wash by hand and they've never noticed any shrinkage.
Seeing these collars has put me totally off - they need to sort them out!!!!
nah mate, i ordered on the 23rd of dec and got confirmation on the 30th. you email?
darting helps improve the fit in the lower back in a way that trimming from the side seams can't.
I dont think you have a shoulder fit problem you are just not buttoning the collar - i would guess that if you button the collar it will pull the yoke up and fall more or less on the end of the shoulder. Yokes can also shrink in my experience and this will affect sleeve length but 1 wash is not enough. 3-6 are ususally necessary. I think the waist is slim but you have a posture that would be helped by darting the shirt.
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