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Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Jorts! Totally agree. Jort them or destroy them, choose wisely.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart so, what kind of music do "steampunks" listen to??? I associate steampunk with a lot of the imagery and lyrics from Modest Mouse. Issac Brock seems to always be describing old time traveling circus, cobbstone streets, street urchins, etc. Cool 1920's type of vibe. I find Cotton's look to be very well put together and very different. Being more of a jeans and t shirt guy, I really admire the originality.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 apc new cure. my true waist is like a 34" or 34.5" but I got a 32. i have huge thighs from working out and it created a weird waist okay, hips a bit tight sausage thighs salad which left me with a torn piriformus-google it. not pleasant. You've got to be kidding. You'd figure the human body would be stronger than some measly jeans - from France nonetheless. I'm surprised you could even button them up to...
Agreed. Shrinking a cotton garment in only one area is a very risky proposition. Very difficult to control cotton shrinkage in an entire garment, let alone just one area. Def go to the tailor.
"That has potential for a trip to the emergency room." We'd only be so lucky....
Creepiest post ever. Someone please delete this before it brings down the whole forum.
Two week old S0500XX. Initial soak, worn every day. Honey combs coming in and dip can starting to show through a little (gross habit). Edit: Wow. Looks like I killed this entire thread with my sub par post. My bad. I promise to wait a few months for the next update.
I'm rocking these bad bwoys all summer, the black ones. The most anti-aviator pair I could find.
Anyone have any info on/used this proxy service? Looks pretty legit, but I'd like to get someone to vouch before I use it. Looks like he started up pretty recently.
Quote: Originally Posted by bomber About half my family are in construction/welding/etc. They almost all swear by red wing (like the others have been saying). Construction/welding activities aside, I love those redwings for the looks alone. Just saw a couple of pairs at Concepts Cambridge and they look fantastic. Although, I got a pair of the Timbo earthkeepers last year, and they're the best boots I've owned as far as comfort and quality is...
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