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Quote: Originally Posted by Surfrider I don't mean run-of-the-mill awful, I mean 2-Girls-1-Cup awful..... Posting that crap here is like taking out an add for one of those blow-up Jesus sex dolls in the back of the Christian Science Monitor. What the fuck is wrong with you? Oh Surfrider, The imagery you're conveying is just captivating. I actually don't think that this kid is even associated with the brand. I think he's just got shit taste...
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle What is the coldest streetwear label? It's this sweet brand called Dom Rebel.
Screw all of this craziness. I'm bringing it back to unicorns and fantasy scenes airbrushed all over everything I wear. EVERYTHING!
Quote: Originally Posted by jingco HAHA! You know I've never tried on a pair of JNCO jeans before... No. I did not know that you had never ever before, in your entire life, tried on a pair of JNCO jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by jingco There are nice premium denim brands in China too. Shame that Chinese brands haven't caught on. Forgot the names though... Chinese designer denim? Yea, it's all over ebay. It's called knockoff.
Quote: Originally Posted by jingco What's the hottest up and coming streetwear label watch out for? Please post links or pics for use to see and visit. I like Dom Rebel I predict that The Hundreds will be the next LRG. Except not wack. Edit: Just looked at that Dom Rebel and I find it terrible. Unoriginal and boring. Bedazzling shirts is not cool. Reminds me...
"I almost want to buy them and just try to find a UK proxy on SF or sufu.... but I guess I'll pass. Very cool pair of Clark's though." It's probably for the best that it's tough to get stuff from the UK. Not only is everything expensive there to begin with, but with the state of the Dollar right now, it's just ridiculous. If you're in the US, look at the prices on denim at, then multiply that by a little over 2! Not including shipping. SDA 103's...
Quote: Originally Posted by bici i have a pair of momotaros and love them! What's so great about them? Cut? Detailing? Denim? How would you compare them with the more popular brands? Pics? Enough questions?
I was digging around the take 5 site and noticing several denim brands that I rarely see discussed. Everyone talks ad nauseum about Samurai, Eternal, SDA, etc., but what about brands like Engine, Tedman, Momotaro? Do the cuts suck? Inferior denim quality? Or are some of them sleepers?
^^Those hologram jointz are da bomb! Way to get your middle American, white boy hip hop on! (I really hope those are a joke, if not, no offense bro)
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