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Quote: Originally Posted by jlopez211 Hello, I am thinking about buying some shirts from an online store in the UK. Since I live in the US, would I have to pay Vat? Thanks What is vat? customs? you'll have to pay it unless the item is market as a gift by the company you purchased it from. Also, you realize the exchange rate is like 2 to 1 right now?
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog Here's a sizing tip: If you have a low rise jean (the PRPS ones in the auction were 9.5" rise) and the actual waist measurement is 30, there is no way you will fit in them if you have a 30" waist. Something that low will sit at your hips, and everyone's hips are a least an inch or two wider than their waists. This is true and I wish I had known before I ordered my SDA 103's from Japan. I'm about a 35...
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G I fell in love with the SD-003 when I was in Japan. Great cut, beautiful color. I was just a little scared that the inseam would be too short. I guess I need to get over my stacking phase and embrace the world of 34" inseams. These are 36 inseam. I'm 6 feet and they are more than long enough for as much soaking as desired.
Anyone from the Boston area should be going to New England Soup Factory. All gourmet, overly expensive soups to die for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smells Like Poor Please ditch the denim shorts while you're at it. Jorts! Yea this picture of you is a lot less revealing than the last one = better. Go with the pink bro. Ladies love that shit.
Lots of obese people have a glandular condition, making it near impossible to lose weight through diet and exercise. Surgeries like gastric bypass is often the safest and most effective route.....
Just got these in the mail from Vari Rakuten store about an hour ago. Beautiful, but don't fit my fat ass. These are a 34 and I need a 36. For some reason, I can't post in the FS thread, but I'm looking to sell these. My ebay ID is the same as this one if anyone wants to check out my legitness. Just looking for $250 shipped, has the pocket arcs, of course no soak/wash. Couldn't be more brand new, and I can take more pics if anyone would like. If it's a major no no to post...
Depending on the class of denim your dealing with, selvedge is just assumed. Are there any non-selvedge, high end Japanese brands?
I'll admit I felt a little bad for flaming when I found out he wasn't secretly marketing on behalf of the brand. This place is a little one dimentional, but maybe there's a forum out there that's more geared to this type of style.
Got my SD 103's in the mail from Vari today. Thanks to Opeth from mynudies for the heads up on these guys. Saved a ton of cash avoiding the proxy, and got arcs by avoiding BIG. These ****ers are tight though, I literally had to tuck my balls into them. At least able to get all the buttons up now. I have no idea how people size down in these.....
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