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Quote: Originally Posted by RussellStreet Fantastic Americana Blog! I feel inclined to pimp it round the Net in fact. Good work, Sir. What is Trad? Well it's a subset of Americana, that much we know. Lot's of American things aren't Trad & trying to work out why can be an interesting game. ... Or simply yet another way of putting off work... Best - Wow. You've just made me 5X more confused one wtf "trad" is. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by capnpyro Stretch boxer briefs are the end-all-be-all of ball cupping technology as far as Im concerned. I've put many long minutes of thought into this and tried a good half a dozen or more brands, the best one by far is the Calvin Klein Tech Cool-- the length and non-dorkiness of boxers, and the tightness and non-bunchiness of briefs. The tech cool is moisture whicking so if youre active during the day your boys stay...
I'm sorry, but I cannot believe what happens to this forum late at night. Low socks are that hard to find? Jesus christ. Just get some tube socks and a pair of scissors or something. They can't be that hard to find bro...... And wtf is jungle foot?
Acting like a moderator here, but why the F are you posting this? I know you're Canadian, but try to speak my language. I have no idea what "Holt Renfrew Last Call in Vaughn Mills" is. Get with it dood!
I still can't understand wtf trad is? But start by not wearing boxers. Boxer-briefs all the way for no ride-up!
What are you talking about, your crotch or your ass? Either way, who cares? You should be proud of either. Show that ish off and quit being a wuss. Chicks dig both!!!!!!
Easy guys. This is all about preference/what can you fit in to? I fit fine into my size 34 S0500's, but can't come close to getting into the size 34 SDA 103's I just got from Japan. Sizing advice on SUFU did nothing to helping me realize this. WTF. Trial and error reins supreme... (anyone want these?...I can't post in the FS thread for some reason...brand new, never soaked/washed)
First of all, don't be a pussy. Second of all, get this thang............. has tons of these for real cheap. I think I got one or two for around $15 or $20.
The best free one I've found is really easy to use.
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