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No homo, but this site might help give you some more styling ideas. Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by jessetk313 F^ing CHEATER...I would love nothing more then a Belicheck suspension this year, thats what he deserves. Oh god, here we go with that crap. Quit whining man. What are you, from New York?
Obviously, these are for winners. Movie icons and successful NFL coaches. Go for it Chad!
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe i'd like to see someone's photo of what number 10 would be. That might be a 10 on the homeboy on the left. Those are just.....the WORST. And April 77's are like a negative 3, guy is definitely sterile. I hate them both a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Goblin I like to poke my wiener back through the back of my legs, give 'er a nice fruit bowl. I think that's called a pony ride, a la Silence of the Lambs.
This is an awesome battle, but I think you two may be taking your "senior member" designations a little too seriously. Just spoon it out already or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by hustlenflo22 They don't even begin to do Somet justice with those options...check BiG instead for sure Agreed. Seems like Yoox was able to pick up a little random stock that Somet couldn't unload elsewhere. Yoox is extremely random. I believe most of us are interested in Somet for their raw denim offerings. Some random Somet t-shirts on yoox too. Is this the same Somet?
Quote: Originally Posted by RussellStreet LOL! I think Trad is meant to be Traditional American and it sort of is, but at a few removes. Classic American tailoring was once known as Ivy League style way back when (mainly 50's/60's). The style boomed and went bust. Preppy style revived an aspect of it in the 80's and again that style boomed and went bust. Trad today on the internet revives Preppy style with elements of the earlier Ivy League style...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black yeah the thing about going sockless in leather shoes is that the foot area gets sweaty and ultimately will not have a pleasant odor. I like it when girls do it, for me, not so much. Yea, it's just gross. Socks were made to absorb the sweat that is now absorbed into the shoe, which essentially makes them rotten. Nothing smells worse than a pair of shoes that have been worn over time without socks. Odor...
Just met up with Corter yesterday to pick-up one of his snap wallets and a belt. Really cool guy and a real quality product. Can't wait to break these in...... Thanks Corter!
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