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This kid's kind of right though. There are a bunch of douche bag, internet trolls on this forum and others, that jump all over people for minor shit. I guess that someone in a fragile state could take getting flamed a little to seriously. Like asking a question that's a little noobish and immediately getting - "USE THE FUCKING SEARCH FUNCTION". I sort of feel bad for the little bastard. Come back kid!.......
Noob is in. Many addictions previous to SF I've been avoiding, so here's to the month of May. Even no new SDA 103's to replace the ones I just bought that were too small. I'm on the wagon.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black you've never heard the term ass clown? i like "ass hat" better Michael Bolton = no talent ass clown? Get it? Office space references should be obvious. Although, I like "ass hat" too.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Found this on sufu: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/sho...&postcount=144 I don't have any experience with the SD-003 except for trying them on. Not to belabor the point, but I think the only difference is twill - same exact cut. Real shame they can't be found anymore I think I can pull through with come counseling....
Quote: Originally Posted by Garage/Surf Rock Red Wing boots are supposed to be durable, but I don't think the GTs are really classified as work boots. They are a kind of tough dress shoe for "gentlemen travelers." Get it? Gentleman travelers? Seriously, I've had a million leather boots with varying degrees of gouges and scratches in them. You just have to do your best to fill the hole and make the wound show at little as possible.
Just got this 59/50 from HUF today. Not only did they keep me waiting for two weeks, but the hat is defective. You can kind of see especially in the second picture, the slant in the top. I'm so done with this intentional scarcity/treat me like a hypebeast/Supreme BS. Screw these guys, the return will arrive on Monday.
I can't find them anywhere either, but I've read a bunch about left hand twill and still don't have a grip on exactly what it means. OFF THREAD TOPIC, but many people seem to swear that the fade is superior. More vertical or something?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman I feel so dumb. I wanted to join Superfuture but the registers where closed. Turns out I already was a member and just forgot about it. I realise this when registration is know open. I feel like an ass clown. What's an "ass clown"? Mike Bolton?
Exaaactly, "registrations are closed at the moment due to an incredible influx of new members" or something like that. They should have kept them closed. After joining, I've lost 10 IQ points looking at all the douchebag newbie posts on there. Or I'm just mad cuz they won't buy my jeans. (not skinny enough?)
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Yeah. BTW, you should consider the 003, they feel great and the color is sick too. Ahh, here it is. It's not listed here, but it looks like the 003 is just "left handle". http://www.dartisan.co.jp/shilhouette/index.html I know this effects fading, but I'm not sure about the difference in sizing. Back to shitty sufu for some research.....
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