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WTF are we talking about here? Underwear or jeans? I don't have any nudies, but I did just make the switch to boxer briefs - and I couldn't be more pleased!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black i don't think i've ever watched that movie in its entirety. I vividly remember the scene where they're beating the copy machine to death with gangsta rap in the background...and the one where the guy is rapping loudly in his car then when some black dudes pull up next to him he shuts it down. Delayed reaction F2B, but those are two choice/classic scenes! Anyway, point of this post is that I was...
An 18 inch hem is very average and can work with almost any shoe, just lose the Hilfiger denim.
Got this stuff in the mail today based on Corter's recommendation, and it's awesome. Gave my new wallet and belt a really soft feel. Also fun to apply with bare hands, had never done that before. Get it!
I started digging around in the same way, milkman. A link to a link to a link, etc. Lots of fun and a massive time killer. The best part now is putting a page like Ryu's into google translate and trying to decipher the engrish. Next up, I really want to go to Japan.
To me, suspenders most often signify racism and/or white trashiness, but if they're making a comeback, I'm in!
Quote: Originally Posted by Goblin I haven't even looked at SuFu in a long time. Most of the posters there remind me of the kid on South Park who played Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade all the time. I think at this point, sufu USED to be a great resource. Lots of galleries of denim/fading pics, etc. But like many other things, they got too popular and started to draw in noobs and people with no taste, which egged on haters and flamers,...
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow War sounds like a great way to get killer fadez! Haha. Let's start some pinkerton/union busters type gang. That'll show those bastards!
Quote: Originally Posted by Denimbar I posted on Super future for the first times in 2 years. I was reading some of the threads and there are some REAL douche bags that post there. I will give them a while before I spread the word. As a matter of fact I am going to post a new APC thread! Ha. If you want to get intentionally flamed, just ask a question about sizing, ANY question about sizing. Seriously though, some of these doods need to get...
On Corter's recommendation, I bought some of this stuff - arrived in the mail today. Maybe everybody knows about this shit already, but I'm impressed. I've only used the LP so far, but it made both my wallet and belt amazingly soft. It's also really fun to apply - I'd never oiled/greased leather with my bare hands before(no homo). Recommended.... http://www.obenaufs.com/
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