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Love those Sling&Stones fosho. Hadn't paid much attention to that brand, but I'm loving the detailing like that ampersand type stitching on the back pocket, and especially those square gold buttons. I think that's what a lot of Japanese repro brands are missing - original, subtle embroidery and hardware.
having trouble finding CP on the revolve website. Link?
I just started biking everywhere and basically stopped using my car. So I'm saving $ on gas, but I'm gonna blow out the ass on my sammy's. I can't win!
Hit the 2 month mark with my S0500's. Initial soak, still no wash, but check out the premature ass fade. I cycle about 5 or 10 miles a day, but I don't think I'll be wearing the Sammy's anymore when I do. Am I freaking, or is this an ass blow out just waiting to happen?
Those are in need of an application of Obenaufs LP. Stat. http://www.obenaufs.com/product_info...94bb8f192c25bb
Quote: Originally Posted by Goblin Leaving aside the issue of incipient crotch rot, if you wear your jeans to bars at all, they can get pretty musty from absorbed cigarette smoke over time notwithstanding airing out. Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform Are there still bars that haven't banned smoking? I'm calling bullshit on this one. CHARLESTON, W.Va. "” Not since West Virginia pulled the plug on an old...
^^What about the gibberish you're talking dumbo? Way to advance the thread with your insightful commentary, nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by AK47AZ Wow, you post useless shit in everyones threads huh? Hey douchebag! You aiming to get yourself neg repped out of here too? Get lost brat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster I really like the fit. I agree that it looks like it might be a little too much stacking, but I suggest letting the stacks settle and soften up a bit before you decide to hem. Agreed. Def too much denim below the knee, but wait a little to be sure on how much you want to take off. Otherwise, they look great.
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform I've never understood why jeans should smell as long as you've got good hygeine - drinking lots of water (so the sweat isn't so concentrated (disclaimer: I have no idea what i'm saying here, but it seems to make sense to my brain) taking a shower twice a day and paying particular attention to lathering up the areas of the nether regions. haha. I'm not so sure about your sweat dilution theory, but it seems...
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