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Is there an active promo code for RT right now?
haha, I've reverted back to wearing only whitey tighties when wearing my SD103's cuz everything else bunches up, And now they're all blue too......
Quote: Originally Posted by why Get a bigger ass Yes, start with a bigger ass. But seriously I've found my SD 103's to be perfect low rise, but not nut-gripping, and not at all tight on the thighs. Try em'!
I've always found it funny that most Japanese jeans run up to about size 40" waist, while the largest sized tops are Japanese size "L" = 40 or 42. I'm 6' tall with a 34" waist, and a size 42" top fits me like a wet suit. I would buy a lot more Japanese clothing if the sizing was geared more toward tubbier American bodies.
alternating sammy S0500's with SDA 103's. Like the Samurai denim and cut better.
Had to bump this post because this bag just got released and I love it. These things are beautiful and the price is fantastic. Placing my order next week.
Dammit those are nice looking. Great price too, placing my order next week. Hopefully there's still stock left.
"Authentic selvedge cotton denim from one of Japan's oldest and most renowned mills. Made with denim woven on the original 100 year-old narrow looms." I'm very suspicious. Can we get an expert in here?
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock i heard some terrible quality control issues on them Like general inconsistencies, or they just fall apart? I knew there had to be some reason why they were so far off my radar.
Thought I had to put in my 2 cents on the ed hardy bashing....hate it. In my city, wearing that stuff screams superficial muscle-head tasteless club promoter vain douchebag. one word.....BEDAZZLE!!
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