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Thanks for the advice. Engraving is definitely a must, don't know why it didn't occur to me before. I'm extremely grateful for her gesture, but the decision part makes me nervous. Like pocketsquareguy said, this seems to be a situation that can set the tone for my relationship with mother-in-law, and I certainly don't want to screw up now, especially on something that appears so trivial. She had her mind set on buying a Rolex, which I convinced her is not necessary...
My future mother-in-law is insisting on buying me a watch as a present for the upcoming wedding. Despite numerous attempts to convince her that it is not necessary (she's already helping to pay for part of the wedding), she is determined. Now, she doesn't know anything about watches (and I know barely more than her), so I'm left with the task of picking out a watch around $3K I'd prefer for it to be as inexpensive as possible, but I don't want to hurt her feelings by...
Quote: Originally Posted by oldseed am i the only one that really doesn't like girls who do this, racking up the bill with drinks? my alarm bells and red alerts go off... your alarm waited till the drinks? should've gone off @ coffee->dinner at some place simple->"I'm a little dressed up"
what size are you normally?
Doh! That tux is my size and exactly what I'm looking for, except for the double reverse pleats. Decisions decisions...
too bad the trousers are already hemmed to a length that's too short for me
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Except Isaia, which SF luffs. I was going to say the same thing. RL seems to get quite a bit of space in GQ as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by celery And it becomes a slipperly slope, if people get banned because they say, "Why are you charging so much, I can get this at _____ for less?" The question should be "if I can get this at ____ for less, why the **** am I here trying to talk the seller down to the same price?"
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Okay, so again, I can't reaad thru all the posts. Just have a general question. I remember not too long ago, a regular (I think?) posted a designer jacket at a reasonable price. Almost immediately, others called it out as fake (in a nice way) and the trend continued until the seller realized that this and took it off. Now, I don't know the seller so I would have no idea if it was intentional or an overlook, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro What if my unsolicited opinion is that the price is a bargain? Is it ok to post that? Well, if the potential buyer doesn't realize it's a bargain, leave it to someone else to pick up the item.
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