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Size 15.5 RLBL white dress shirt with stripes, french cuffs, 100% cotton made in Italy. Worn twice and came to the sad realization that RLBL 15.5 is just too slim for me. Shirt has never been altered so standard RLBL sleeve lengths. Price includes shipping CONUS. Prefer Chase QuickPay, but will accept paypal. $65 $60 $50 OBO. shoulder to shoulder - 18.5" pit to pit - 21.5" sleeve length - 35" Please let me know if any other measurement is required.
nice watch and nice links
could've sworn there was more to my post....anyway, what I thought I wrote was that I wouldn't take the return at this point if it was me.
allaboutshoes, count yourself lucky that the buyer is still trying to the get shoes on discount that he can't get elsewhere. This is the only reason he is 'working with you' to reach a solution. True, he can easily contact his CC and get the full refund, but he still has to return the shoes or the charge back will be reversed (I was taught this lesson by a sneaky seller and because I was stupid, but that's a story for another time). Plus, the buyer would then have to...
is it out of the question for the buyer to just turn around and sell the shoes in question to recoup most, if any, lose?
Walnut colored shoes for interview? Where are you interviewing?
thanks for the advice! I'll give that a shot.
I recently purchased a tie here on SF. While the tie was advertised as BNWOT, it arrived looking like someone crumpled it up and then sat on it. This may have been a direct result of the tie being shoved into a 6" X 10" enveloped and mailed to me, or something else. Either way, how do I get the wrinkles and creases out of the tie so I can wear it without looking like a slob? I've read that steam can help to get rid of the wrinkles, but I also remember (possibly...
I agree, although isn't that how all the "drama" shows on TV operate?
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