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bandwidth limit exceeded. wonder if it's entirely due to SF.
She can probably get quotes from dealers?
too late, again!
Just ordered a RHD deployant Monday after reading the recommendations on various watch forums.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar I cancelled my order for a MK XVI on a bracelet (which is a $1000 upgrade) at thewatchery.com on Friday, it will likely show up soon and if you use Bing, you can get it for $2234.00. The MSRP is 4900.00 for the watch. Regards. Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably buy it myself.
I really appreciate the various advice. We stopped by Tourneau on 57th St in NYC just to take a look, and MIL was amazed that there were so many different brands (fiancee was just amazed that Gucci isn't one of the top brands). Even though we didn't decide on a watch yet, I'm leaning towards Mark XVI. Just not sure if I can get it to the $3K point. I did take them out to dinner afterward as a small token of my appreciation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel I have a question. Does the gift have to be a watch? I mean, 3k is a lot, it could probably get a bespoke tuxedo for your wedding with enough left over for a couple suits, or a pair of shoes... I don't know if she would be offended by you trying to change the gift, but if she is ok with it, then just thank her a LOT afterwards. The thought had crossed my mind, but I got the feeling that while $3000 on...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 There's more to this; she's buying you something you can pass on to her grandson...she will live on forever thru this gift. Don't F this up. no pressure, huh...
Quote: Originally Posted by chison it sounds like she is trying to upgrade your appearance and let everyone know you are not the scrub you appear to be now that you mentioned it, this could very well be the case...
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