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Walnut colored shoes for interview? Where are you interviewing?
thanks for the advice! I'll give that a shot.
I recently purchased a tie here on SF. While the tie was advertised as BNWOT, it arrived looking like someone crumpled it up and then sat on it. This may have been a direct result of the tie being shoved into a 6" X 10" enveloped and mailed to me, or something else. Either way, how do I get the wrinkles and creases out of the tie so I can wear it without looking like a slob? I've read that steam can help to get rid of the wrinkles, but I also remember (possibly...
I agree, although isn't that how all the "drama" shows on TV operate?
french or barrel?
was looking to get a pair in burnished brown, but SA told me they only have them in black and walnut (he called them brown). Ended up putting a pair of walnut strands on hold.
bandwidth limit exceeded. wonder if it's entirely due to SF.
She can probably get quotes from dealers?
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