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The Alden boots auction says happy to ship to Japan...
Tried on some Santonis at the DSW recently. Size 7 was noticeably too big and I am normally a 8/8.5
+1convinced me to check it out. Thanks.
Placed an ordered last week, 20% coupon worked but they did not deduct VAT. Emailed them about it on Thur and haven't heard back yet. Did get an email saying they will fulfill all orders within 30 days, most will be before then.
Still waiting on the 3 pairs i ordered. Received a JAB package via UPS yesterday. Box looked like it fits one pair of shoe trees, but turned out to only contain collar stays that was part of the order.
For sale is a pair of Stuart's Choice shoes, made in England. Unfortunately, with my very limited shoe knowledge, I am not sure who the maker is. Antiquing around toe box, closed channel soles. Please note, as shown in the pictures, the flap of the closed channel sole is slightly undone at the toe area on the left shoe, a little bit more noticeable on the right shoe. Asking $130. Price includes CONUS shipping. First buyer to pay gets the item.
I was told by my tailor the trouser waist has nothing left to be let out.
For sale is a RLPL solid dark gray suit. Tagged 38R, 100% wool, made in England. Price includes CONUS shipping. Other buyers please contact me for shipping charge. Asking $400. First person to pay gets the item. Jacket *3-roll-2.5 *side vents *notch lapel *working cuffs Shoulders - 18.5" Chest - 20.75" Waist - 18.5" Sleeves - 24" BOC - 30" Trousers *flat front *side tabs *button fly (Please note: one of the fly buttons is chipped as shown in the...
Weird, I'm looking for 8/8.5 and everything I looked at was 10+
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