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Still waiting on the 3 pairs i ordered. Received a JAB package via UPS yesterday. Box looked like it fits one pair of shoe trees, but turned out to only contain collar stays that was part of the order.
For sale is a pair of Stuart's Choice shoes, made in England. Unfortunately, with my very limited shoe knowledge, I am not sure who the maker is. Antiquing around toe box, closed channel soles. Please note, as shown in the pictures, the flap of the closed channel sole is slightly undone at the toe area on the left shoe, a little bit more noticeable on the right shoe. Asking $130. Price includes CONUS shipping. First buyer to pay gets the item.
I was told by my tailor the trouser waist has nothing left to be let out.
For sale is a RLPL solid dark gray suit. Tagged 38R, 100% wool, made in England. Price includes CONUS shipping. Other buyers please contact me for shipping charge. Asking $400. First person to pay gets the item. Jacket *3-roll-2.5 *side vents *notch lapel *working cuffs Shoulders - 18.5" Chest - 20.75" Waist - 18.5" Sleeves - 24" BOC - 30" Trousers *flat front *side tabs *button fly (Please note: one of the fly buttons is chipped as shown in the...
Weird, I'm looking for 8/8.5 and everything I looked at was 10+
For sale is a RLBL suit in charcoal herringbone, tagged 38R drop 7. Suit is in excellent condition as I had only worn it 3 - 4 times as first owner before realizing it's simply too small for me. Price including shipping CONUS. If a buyer is outside of CONUS, PM and we can try to work something out.. Asking $300. 2-button jacket notch lapel w/ throat latch side vents non-working buttons flat front trousers side tabs zip fly Jacket: shoulder - 18" P2P - 20" waist -...
missed out again...
actually, $500 gets you a blazer, $750 gets you a suit. The header of the deal is misleading, but if you click on the buy button or scroll down to the body of the deal it's there. I know about cost of making a suit, but I was under the impression that these groupon deals (and all other me-too deal sites) are for promoting/marketing your business/service, not for turning huge profits, if any at all?
[[SPOILER]]http://susantabak.com/articles/chic-shopping-in-new-york-stephen-seo-custom-tailorAccording to this, items are made in HK and suits have roped shoulders and high button stance. But I guess since its bespoke, you can have them adjust these to your preference.
I have the following Battistoni ties for sale. All the ties bear the "Cucita A Mano" tag and are all made in Italy. All prices including CONUS shipping, international buyer please add $5. I accept payment through Paypal (regular payment please add 4% fee).1) 100% cashmere, L = 59.25in, W = 3.25in - $75 [[SPOILER]] 2) 100% silk, L = 59", W = 3.25" - $70 SOLD [[SPOILER]] 3) 100% silk, L = 59", W = 3.25" - $60 [[SPOILER]] 4) 100% slik, L = 60", W = 3.40" - $60...
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