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Thanks. Interesting that the shoes look to be a different color in the second picture than the other ones in your post.
Very interested to see the pics as I'm deciding between the medium brown and Sienna.
I was excited to see they still have the Prestbury in a size 8 up until I got to checkout. Oh well.
I would imagine the sizes being offered also has something to do with it. Even back in the "merit bumping" days, most replies were some variation of "great price, if only this was my size".
The Alden boots auction says happy to ship to Japan...
Tried on some Santonis at the DSW recently. Size 7 was noticeably too big and I am normally a 8/8.5
+1convinced me to check it out. Thanks.
Placed an ordered last week, 20% coupon worked but they did not deduct VAT. Emailed them about it on Thur and haven't heard back yet. Did get an email saying they will fulfill all orders within 30 days, most will be before then.
New Posts  All Forums: