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what size is this?
Lindrick gone from R L website. Is there a sale coming up?
Will try to remember to dig for some intel.
Thanks for sharing. I think I also have high instep as that's usually the part that determines if the shoes will fit me. Either way, looks like off to the Mansion I will go (not looking forward to it with more snow on the way).
I'm a little disappointed to read this as I am also AE 8E-8.5D. Was planning to order the lindrick in 8D, but sounds like it might not work. Don't see a 7.5D on their website. I guess I will have to make a trip to the Mansion to try them on in person.To think I came into this thread to see if the Lindrick is still shell cordovan because the Web page doesn't mention it...
that's what I was thinking too until I realizedthe trousers look pretty "generous"...
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