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Lindrick gone from R L website. Is there a sale coming up?
Will try to remember to dig for some intel.
Thanks for sharing. I think I also have high instep as that's usually the part that determines if the shoes will fit me. Either way, looks like off to the Mansion I will go (not looking forward to it with more snow on the way).
I'm a little disappointed to read this as I am also AE 8E-8.5D. Was planning to order the lindrick in 8D, but sounds like it might not work. Don't see a 7.5D on their website. I guess I will have to make a trip to the Mansion to try them on in person.To think I came into this thread to see if the Lindrick is still shell cordovan because the Web page doesn't mention it...
that's what I was thinking too until I realizedthe trousers look pretty "generous"...
I was in the middle of typing forget measurements I'll take it anyways" when my only part in the conference call came up...
What are the shoulder and chest measurements for the toggle hooded in M?
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