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solid charcoal kiton
alden shell cordovan
Thanks, I've been poring over that thread trying to find good news. However, the consensus on the little bit of info comparing 337 last to 325 last seems to be go with the same size.Now I feel like I need to post a deal as not to derail this thread further: Carmina for $220?
Been trying to convince myself that these will work even though size 8 in RL Marlows fit perfectly.
I would love some feedback in terms of what ares on this shirt to adjust/correct. 1) I am thinking to increase the front chest measurement (allow more room) and decrease the back measurement to clean it up. 2) It's not as clearly visible in the terribly-lit phone camera picture, but the right yoke ends almost exactly at the end of my right shoulder where as the left yoke ends slightly shy of my left shoulder. I'm not sure if I should ask them to make the right yoke...
My previous shirts had similar issue and Theresa recommended to subtract 2 inches off the waist on the back (so the waist measurement reads front: X, back: X - 2"). Obviously the amount to subtract depends on your measurements. If you send that picture to Luxire, they should be able to get back to you with recommended adjustments.
I need to take better care of my shoes, everyone else's marlows look brand new
Sorry I'm on my phone and tried to save on some tapping. I meant only one picture in the description.
Does the rlpl cashmer SC have finished sleeves? I only see one picture in the ebay listing.
FYI, the AE Strand auction has a picture from the Alfred Sargent auction.
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