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PM'd on black pinstripe.
I meant to ask if the length was from the bottom or top of collar. Thanks. decisions decisions...
The RLPL length from BOC?
Quote: Originally Posted by tradernick She then went on to tell me that in her home country (S.E. Asia), they produce knock-offs so good that when they designer houses send their guys over to check them out, they can't tell the difference. What's the difference if the knock-off is of nearly the same quality as the real deal? I thought the SF M.O. was to buy quality, not name brand. But yeah, this mostly occur with brands that are not SF...
Try here.
Quote: Originally Posted by 95///M3 I am receiving a set of Sohos in brown today, size 9D. If i dont like them I will sell them to you for what I paid. i'd be interested if you decide not to keep them. Let me know.
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle what if i am 5'9 with shoes on, yet 5'8 without, short suit? i've been using R's but i found they might be too long I don't think the height with shoes on makes a difference, unless we're talking about dresses and high heels. The height is used as reference since one's torso length is somewhat relative to one's height. As long as the jacket is the right length for your body, it doesn't really...
I was considering getting a couple Baroni suits a couple months back after reading the review over at AskAndy. But the measurements seemed rather large. Does anyone have actual experience with the "slimmer" line?
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Give them a call; they're open I would, but Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Just called. They are completely sold out! and Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 Nothing in 38R either.
Hmm, their website says they open @ 10am. Oh well....
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