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Quote: Originally Posted by tradernick We're talking about price but that's not the only situation that occurs. I have often seen a FS thread where the seller says 'This is from the _____ line' or whatever, and others come on and say 'Actually, no, that isn't from the line you mentioned, it's from their step-down line'. What you described is actual information. What the OP is strictly talking about (I think), is when a seller posts item X at...
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Roll over and die for all the closet goose steppers around here who want to turn the place into Ebay? No thanks. Speaking of Ebay, I always wondered how the "bump = thread locked" apply to the Ebay advertisement threads? Quote: Bumping your threads to get them to the top will result in a thread lock if we see it. The only exception is to announce a significant price drop on items - 5-10% or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Parkave IMO, just ban replying to a sale thread. Pretty much everything can be dealt with via PM. If someone is selling fakes, then report to the mod. Otherwise send the PM if you are interested. Why make it more complicated. Best post in this thread.
Price of anything is always subjective. What I believe to be overpriced may be acceptable for someone else. Besides, commenting on something being overpriced only pushes the post to the top of the list.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I have a wish list. +1 For most things, I keep a list. But I buy shirts on impulse...then later regret them for one reason or another.
Thanks to the OP for helping me kill 30 min of a really slow day at work. Never realized thrifting was such a competitive sport. Maybe we'll start seeing it on ESPN soon. Well, maybe just ESPN 3...
measurements on the 32 stiff jeans?
Quote: Originally Posted by bjm interesting for 4k/$5k you are in the bespoke saville row or US equivalent territory. I would do this rather than pay MSRP for a RTW St.Andrews. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there for whom a name brand carries more weight than "bespoke".
Quote: Originally Posted by Agnacious You might want to read my response again. I said, in other words, that just because the SA did not fawn over him, he should not have let that be the deciding factor in his purchase. This is about ego, thin skin and, from some of the responses, a sense of entitlement (and a dash of 3 year old girl). I don't deny the SA misspoke, but I don't think she was being malicious or deliberately rude. More likely she was...
Quote: Originally Posted by stamp0102 i got the bentons coming to me in 9 and 9.5. if anyone is interested in whichever one doesn't fit me let me know so i make sure not to send them back when the time comes. If the 9s don't work out for you, let me know. I was eying those. Depends on where you are in NJ, I might even be able to do the transaction in person.
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