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Take a look here. Most of these brands are available in department stores like Macy's and L&T. Just went through a similar situation with my brother, except it wasn't my wedding but someone else's. edit: fixed the link
PM sent for SF wallet.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnnyblazini LOL. Any time one shows up with a pistol/knife in hand, or with pants around one's ankles, for an interview it's a bad idea, regardless of what brand one is wearing.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba But then later today i found myself at staples printing some business cards, and someone again came up to me and asked if i worked there. Probably thought you were the store manager? Although the store managers usually dress exactly like the other employees.... Happens to me quite often and at all kinds of places.
I guess 15.5 to a 16.5 (smallest they have) would be too much?
don't know how I missed some of these items when I was in the store yesterday. Bought two RLBL suits in 40R, one in faded black/nero (I thought it was dark grey until I checked the tag inside) and solid navy (same one RLgirl listed). Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I'm glad I decided to take a gamble and drive 45 min up there w/o knowing what's left. ps. Tried on the RLBL dark brown in 38R. Chest area slightly larger than other RLBL 38's. It actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by RLgirl it would be awsome if it was that easy for us. because just about none of the SKU's(barcodes) really match it wont give us an accurate response. we can have forty of the same product, but because it is rare that they were labeled the same, only two may show up in the computer. it works at the polo stores though, because the barcodes on there are originals. they have to remake them for us so that they scan in our...
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Here is my thought on that. Someone takes a suit to try on, or an associate takes a suit to call a customer and let him know that size is available, and then you call and the next associate doesn't see anything on the rack...or someone returns an item or they get a new shipment. I figured as much. This makes me feel like a little guilty to be bothering them. I figured they'd just pull up the inventory...
hmmm...the stock seems to fluctuate quite a bit within just a few hours. I had called because someone posted earlier today that a black stripe was available in 38R, but when I called it wasn't there. I asked about 40's and was told only Long available. Then haganah got the dark charcoal in 40R or 40S? I'm by no means criticizing anyone over there. Just wondering if I should call a few times hoping to find what I'm looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Ack anyone call about 40S? I was told I'd get a call back just now but if any of you do know, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys. don't know about the RLPL, but they're out of S and R in RLBL 40's. She called me back in less than 10 min.
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