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Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle what if i am 5'9 with shoes on, yet 5'8 without, short suit? i've been using R's but i found they might be too long I don't think the height with shoes on makes a difference, unless we're talking about dresses and high heels. The height is used as reference since one's torso length is somewhat relative to one's height. As long as the jacket is the right length for your body, it doesn't really...
I was considering getting a couple Baroni suits a couple months back after reading the review over at AskAndy. But the measurements seemed rather large. Does anyone have actual experience with the "slimmer" line?
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Give them a call; they're open I would, but Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Just called. They are completely sold out! and Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 Nothing in 38R either.
Hmm, their website says they open @ 10am. Oh well....
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC No one bought anything (that I invited)? I didn't get a single $25 credit. The things I wanted to buy were all "in someone's cart". So I refreshed continuously like an idiot for over 30 mins until they were all sold. Sorry.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't architects paid for the design, not the actual construction of the building? This is clearly different from buying bespoke suits, as the suit is the item you're paying for. Now, if you'd like to contract a tailor to only measure and make a pattern for you without the actualy suit, then that's a different situation. Since I've only bought RTW, I don't know if any tailor is going to do that for you.
wow, really feeling the love here! Thanks for everyone who sent an invite. Can I re-direct them to someone else who needs it? And if anyone needs a proxy, let me know and I'll try to help. I'm going to be on vacation starting next monday though, so you might not get you stuff until August.
would love to get an invite if anyone has extras. azn215 AT hotmail. Thanks.
Take a look here. Most of these brands are available in department stores like Macy's and L&T. Just went through a similar situation with my brother, except it wasn't my wedding but someone else's. edit: fixed the link
PM sent for SF wallet.
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