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Quote: Originally Posted by Agnacious You might want to read my response again. I said, in other words, that just because the SA did not fawn over him, he should not have let that be the deciding factor in his purchase. This is about ego, thin skin and, from some of the responses, a sense of entitlement (and a dash of 3 year old girl). I don't deny the SA misspoke, but I don't think she was being malicious or deliberately rude. More likely she was...
Quote: Originally Posted by stamp0102 i got the bentons coming to me in 9 and 9.5. if anyone is interested in whichever one doesn't fit me let me know so i make sure not to send them back when the time comes. If the 9s don't work out for you, let me know. I was eying those. Depends on where you are in NJ, I might even be able to do the transaction in person.
They look like they've been sitting in a box for a while, and one of them (the left one) was getting crushed in that box.
shoes.com coupon codes generally exclude AE, as well as some other brands.
Great suit, and lightning quick delivery! Bought the suit on monday and had it at my front door this afternoon. Thanks again.
ok, my attempt at self control failed miserably. PM'd.
PM'd on black pinstripe.
I meant to ask if the length was from the bottom or top of collar. Thanks. decisions decisions...
The RLPL length from BOC?
Quote: Originally Posted by tradernick She then went on to tell me that in her home country (S.E. Asia), they produce knock-offs so good that when they designer houses send their guys over to check them out, they can't tell the difference. What's the difference if the knock-off is of nearly the same quality as the real deal? I thought the SF M.O. was to buy quality, not name brand. But yeah, this mostly occur with brands that are not SF...
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