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My previous shirts had similar issue and Theresa recommended to subtract 2 inches off the waist on the back (so the waist measurement reads front: X, back: X - 2"). Obviously the amount to subtract depends on your measurements. If you send that picture to Luxire, they should be able to get back to you with recommended adjustments.
I need to take better care of my shoes, everyone else's marlows look brand new
Sorry I'm on my phone and tried to save on some tapping. I meant only one picture in the description.
Does the rlpl cashmer SC have finished sleeves? I only see one picture in the ebay listing.
FYI, the AE Strand auction has a picture from the Alfred Sargent auction.
How does one remove the factory finish? Is that just with extensive buffing or is there something else involved? Thanks.
ordered the sky blue oxford as the second shirt and it's a great fabric. Does anyone know if Luxire offer this fabric in other colors?
Details on the TF grey nailhead please...
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