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Thank you both. Have an AE belt and I feel the same way. The black belt I'm replacing was from BR so I guess I will take another look at them.
Can someone please enlighten me on the difference between the better dress belt and the calfskin dress belt? Looking to get basic black and brown dress belts and these look like decent choices (or not?). Thanks!
I thought it is pretty clear that the yoke of the white shirt is between 17.5 and 17.75 and that's with the tape starting past the other end of the yoke. But it appears Luxire also sees it the way you do so I clearly need better picture showing the measurement.Will wash the new shirt and measure again. Thanks.
Thank you! So it really is possible for the yoke of a shirt to shrink 1" or more? I never imaged that could happened, especially with the collar/chest/waist/sleeves all remaining unchanged.In an attempt to substantiate their claim, I just measured the previous 5 orders (and the original shirt that was sent in to be copied for my first Luxire order) and the yokes all measured around 17.50" (plus or minus 1/8").
After 6 orders with Luxire, I am having an issue with my most recent order and the email correspondence is proving extremely frustrating to say the least. Perhaps I am missing something and I am blaming them for something that is really entirely my fault? My latest order included instructions to copy the measurements from the previous order (I gave the order# and itself was based on previous orders) with 0.50" added to the shoulders and armholes moved out 0.75" (among...
been drooling over all of the LuxeSwap gift pictures in this thread. Then, moments ago, the mrs was going through all of the boxes piled up in what used to be our living room and told me there's a package for me... Thank you Spoo!
Also got a pair of pennys from eddiev a little while back. Thanks and hoping to see lindricks in a size 8 sometime soon.
solid charcoal kiton
alden shell cordovan
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