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Which cut does. AK Rikks carry? Tenero?I ordered this suit from Bloomys and love fabric (especially with the patch pockets) but I just can't convince myself of the Balthazar cut.
looking to order the Eidos casentino single-breasted overcoat and need some help with sizing. I found advice to size down on the casentino double-breasted coat, does the same rule apply for the single-breasted? I have had no experience with the Eidos NMWA cut but I have found Tenero 40R and Tipo 38R are spot on for me.
@NickPollica did any retailer pick up the this SC besides Bloomingdales? Would like to get this in something other than the Balthazar cut.
I was hoping to hear that Bloomindales decided to go back to the Tipo cut, at least in some of the SCs...
Did Bloomingdales get 2 different cuts for the S/S season? The glen plaid SC seems to be longer than the windownpane SC.
I bought these last week here from @Epaulet (listed here)). Beautiful shoes, but unfortunately for me, it turns out 7UK in Simpson last is a half size too small. Tried on once only on carpet, although I never even attempted to walk around as it was clear to me these are too small. Listing it at the same price. Pictures are from original listing with permission from original seller. Captoe Bal in Caramel Calfskin: $200 Simpson Last, Size 7UK In perfect, mint condition...
Stopped by last night. If I recall correctly, there was 1 racked of suits and 1 rack of SCs in 38/48. Bought the navy donegal sc (which I had been looking for) and a suit. Gonna try to got back for the few things I passed on yesterday. EDIT: I did not mean to say there are no other sizes, I only had enough time to look in my size but I did see racks labeled size 50 and 52.
On my recent shirt orders I have been experiencing some issue around the upper part of the sleeves in that the sleeves become almost restrictive when I move my arms forward. I am trying to figure out how to alleviate this problem on my next orders. These are pictures of my most recent order. I probably should have taken the pictures at the beginning of the day instead of the end of the day so please excuse the wrinkling. The shirt has gone through 3 washes, if that...
Which fit does Gentry carry? Why is that jacket so short?
Was really excited when I saw the 38/48 navy suit, then I saw the trouser measurements and
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