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Quote: Originally Posted by anginaprinzmetal Timezone... Quite a few senior members here post regularly there I'd be interested to know what these senior (and non-senior, as well) members of SF think of the aesthetic sensibilities of TZ members as a group. Can someone go there and get good all-around advice? Or would he be better off getting technical recommendations from TZ and then coming to SF for aesthetic advice. (Or the opposite...
Quote: Originally Posted by Caesar Augustus No good. Sorry. Needs to be adjusted in a couple places. I am also not a fan of pockets on my dress shirts, but that is just me of course. I do want the pocket, and I'm a casual dresser anyway, so no problem there. I take it that the adjustments you'd want have already been discussed?
Quote: Originally Posted by greger It is a nice shirt. The lower shoulder is BB problem, but you can't expect custom fit for m2m. They should know how to adapt the pattern for it. MTM isn't as detailed with the fit as custom should be. Still, they should make an effort for some problems, and they very well may have. Some shirts I've seen on the internet are a diaster. That one button shows some strain on it, not much, but some. Custom could pin fit for...
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic What do you look like in Brooks Brothers OTR? Slim-fit and ESF? They're too tight in the chest...or too big in the neck, depending on how you look at it. I have a 16" (or so) neck and close to a 43" chest, which puts me squarely in the Traditional fit. And that doesn't even totally address the posture issue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk I'm not talking about the yoke--it's the shirt fronts. Look at the pulling and pooling of fabric below the yoke in the front. The front/back balance (I guess this is what you'd call it) could also be cut to adjust for your posture (green). That might be a problem no matter what I do, barring bespoke. When I stand, my chest stands out considerably more than average. (Too bad it's not due to extra muscle.) ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven you were measured for this? This actually incorporates tweaks on the original measurements. Honestly, I think the measurements are pretty close to as good as they can be. I guess it's the pattern. I do have a weird body in some ways.
Quote: Originally Posted by suited IMO, you could walk into almost any department store, upscale or not, and find a shirt that fits like that, and probably much better. Unfortunately, no. The shoulders are always too wide, the cuff circumference is often wrong, and there's always the waist, although that could be taken in if it were the only issue. On the other hand, if I can't get a good fit no matter what I do, then I agree that I might as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk I don't know how BB'ers does it. If they can't adjust for shoulder slope or uneven shoulders, then it's not worth much as MTM in my opinion. There is a yoke adjustment, and it was already done for both shoulders. I think they can still be taken in another notch. Not sure if they can be adjusted independently, but for the sake of argument, assume that they can. Your input is much appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk Not so good. You have a low right shoulder, which the shirt ignores. The left side isn't so hot either. Is that a measurement problem, or is it incompatibility between me and the pattern?
I'll admit that this is a little scary because, for reasons I won't go into here, I'm highly motivated to stick with this particular MTM program. (It's BB, if you care.) If the fit isn't at least good...well, we'll see. Thanks!
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