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My understanding is that Mr. Despos is in town only a few days each month and that he generally does alterations with existing customers. Any thoughts on this or other tailor suggestions?
I recently picked up a beautiful, RLPL jacket that has unfinished sleeves, which I would like to have functional buttonholes. I am going to be in Dallas for a week and wondered if there were any tailor recommendations for this type of job. I haven't had much luck in the Kansas City area finding someone who does functional sleeves and would appreciate any suggestions.
I received an angora, RLPL navy sport coat as an early Christmas gift this week and would like suggestions as to what would look good with it? Should I treat it as any other navy sport coat or will the jacket weight and piling, lend to another look better?
Thanks guys! Really, is anyone familier with this brand of shirt and who makes it?
Any thoughts on the quality of Ghirardelli shirts? I recently picked one up and it seems like a nicely made shirt, but I am interested in any opinions. Please no chocolate comments.
What is the best way to care for a patent leather wallet? I have a four to five year old, Ferragamo, black patent wallet that has looked great until recently. It is developing a small (about the size of a nickel) spot where the patent looks as though it is wearing away. What is the best way to care for, or restore such a wallet?
What color trousers would look best with a traditional, black and white, houndstooth sport coat?
Yes, it is a summer weight jacket. Also, I wish I could post a picture but I do not have a scanner or a digital camera. How would navy trousers look?
I just pulled a Brioni DB sport jacket out of storage and am wondering what color trousers would look good with it? It is a very handsome green and brown, small check patterned jacket. Any thoughts?
Just wondering about the quality of Zelli shoes? I had never run across any until recently and they looked to be well constructed.
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