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I’ve got a mid eighties Submariner that I like to change the band on. I’ve already got a few Nato’s and a variety of sub $100 bands. I’m ready to upgrade to something a little nicer. Croc, shell cordovan, etc… Any thoughts? Also, where to purchase. Any pics of your watchbands and what you’ve done would be much appreciated.
I've got the Grenson Christian in honey and black for work boots. Anyone know of a good place for purchasing Grenson laces for these boots? The laces are 138/139 cm. Thanks.
Here's one of mine. By johnandrew
These are a couple I like wearing. By johnandrew
Anyone have any promotional codes for Grapevine Hill? Thank you for any help.
I've had great luck at Highland Park Weave Shop 972-612-0433. They do not have a store front, but will give you an address to mail your items. I was given their name from a salesman at Neiman Marcus a few years back and have been very pleased with their work.
I am open for any suggestions on a suitable work shoe or boot for restaurant work. They would be paired with a nice pair of dark jeans and a long sleeve, sport shirt. I do spend some time in the kitchen, so I need something durable and easy to clean, yet look nice enough, when in the front of the house.
Where does one get the 25% off coupon?
Oops, try this link http://www.barneys.com/b/browse/prod...egoryId=332011.
I've been looking recently at the C&J Bagshot, last 348 and wondered if there were any thoughts or opinions on this boot? I tried a pair on at Barneys last week in Dallas and cannot quit dreaming about strolling around in this lovely monk. You can find it at this link http://www.barneys.com/b/browse/prod...egoryId=332011. I am also interested in any suggestions as to where to get a better price than the $565 that Barney's lists. I have tried P.LAL but they only carry...
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