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When I'm on the beach, I change to a bracelet: By johnandrew at 2012-06-11
Here's a recent update: By johnandrew at 2012-06-11 or By johnandrew at 2012-05-06
Here's the ABP link. Be warned, going here can be dangerous to your pocketbook: I love it when my watch looks ridiculous!
Here's my newest from Jeanna at Stone Creek Straps: By johnandrew at 2011-11-27 By johnandrew at 2011-11-27
I'm looking at a pair of boots last 359, anyone have any comments on this last?
I love my Grenson Christian's. The price was great on them so I got a backup pair (being in the restaurant business, I'm pretty hard on my shoes/boots). I tried to get a backup in black, but had no luck. It didn't take long to break them in and they are very comfortable. By johnandrew at 2011-11-04
Just curious, who makes these beautiful boots for Ralph Lauren? By johnandrew at 2011-11-07 By johnandrew at 2011-11-07 By johnandrew at 2011-11-07
Here are my daily rotation of work boots: By johnandrew at 2011-11-06 Pair of RL & C&J boots: By johnandrew at 2011-11-04 My Grenson Christian's: By johnandrew at 2011-11-04 Working long hours in a restaurant can be hard on my feet and my work shoes/boots. I graduated years ago from wearing Doc Martins (they barely lasted a little over a year) to what you see pictured. I couldn’t be happier.
Sometimes a little variety is nice. I’ve worn the watch daily for 26 years. A few years back, I noticed a fellow, wearing a Sub with a leather band and I was hooked. Every time I change the strap, it gives the watch a different look. Such as this casual band I had made by BJ straps: By johnandrew at 2011-10-29 By johnandrew at 2011-11-04
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