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Test run Please give me your thoughts:
Thank you
Thanks, Are there any YouTube or such links giving tips or tricks for photographing a suit or sports jacket?
Hi, I’ve lost about 40 pounds over the last few years and no longer wear many, if not most of my prior suits or jackets. They are all very gently worn Purple Label, Brioni and Kiton. I’ve been thinking of putting them on eBay and would appreciate any tips for making them look tops. I do have one of these: which I used to toss my jacket on, when I came home, before hanging. Thank you for any help or tips.
I know many of you don’t like colored laces. This thread isn’t for you. But for those who do, please show off your shoes/boots with colored laces. No sneakers please. I’d like to see the various combinations and what looks great.
The Hunted wasn't a very good movie but the sword scene mentioned was spectacular. Also, The Yakuza w/Robert Mitchem has a fantastic sword scene in it with Takakura, Ken. [COLOR=FF00AA
When I'm on the beach, I change to a bracelet: By johnandrew at 2012-06-11
Here's a recent update: By johnandrew at 2012-06-11 or By johnandrew at 2012-05-06
Here's the ABP link. Be warned, going here can be dangerous to your pocketbook: http://www.abp-paris.com/watchbands_creations_watchstraps.php?rid=7&cid=1 I love it when my watch looks ridiculous!
Here's my newest from Jeanna at Stone Creek Straps: By johnandrew at 2011-11-27 By johnandrew at 2011-11-27
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