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I think it is a pretty cool watch, I actually ordered one couple of days ago. I like Speedmasters a lot and this one was interesting enough for me, I did go with the orange racing dial. Did you actually handle it at the store? Also, $4K is a good price if it is new, retail is $6250 on these.
Only on StyFo people put clothes before their physical condition!
Moo, don't sell the Speedy. It is such a great watch and what is this nonsense about being a one watch guy?
^^I am not asking what I should go with, the question was about the quality of linen.
For those who have the linen shirts, is the linen fabric substantial or is it flimsy and see through?
When will you guys restock Scott & Charters chunky cardigans?
DDopey didn't do anything on the PoW Breanish, so if we can make it happen, we should. Price from Breanish was too high when I worked with them.
For a guy who writes so much about watches, I would think you have a huge collection of fancy watches. Please share your watches here so that we can admire them.
I need a strap as well, do you know a place one can source one without paying $500 for it?
Well, they are both easily available but I would rather let go of my Exp I before I get rid of my Speedy. So buy the explorer and keep speedy!
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