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Thanks, how snug is it relative to the parka? Do you have the army green parka or lined parka? Also, what about sleeves? Are they longer compared to the parka?
For those who purchase Monitaly field jacket, I am size 42 in Monitaly Parka and thinking to go with size 46 based on measurements, would that be about right? Also, the sleeve measurement on field jacket looks quite long, 29" long on size 46, did you guys find the sleeves to be too long? You can't really roll those sleeves up, any feedback would be appreciated. thanks.
Shikar,It's been a long time, hope you are doing well!!
I'd rather see DSSD changed than SD but in all honesty, they are both fine watches and I was someone like frilly, I'd just own them both.
Don't see how it would be wrong if you are the boss! Btw, what size did you go with?
Been wearing this for past few days, really nice, I had both the DSSD and Sub but got rid of them and kept this. Rolex better not come out with the red SD, saw the pictures of that one and it looks great.
PatrickR, Despos is obviously better shaped whereas Formosa looks boxy but for a RTW, I think it fits well. How is level of comfort between the two? Edit: Looking one more time, lapels on Formosa don't sit well.
^^Nice, I like that Blancpain bezel!!
For what it's worth, I think that the higher lapel roll looks awesome on you. I'm sure it will roll deeper with time.I have to find a way to get something made by Chris before he decides to retire😄
This looks awesome! Despos jacket? That lapel buttonhole is so sexy! Did you guys try to make a true 3 button jacket? Looks awesome and I think lapels will roll at a lower button once you break in.
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