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Gentlemen, some more fabrics for sale, please pm me with questions. First one is Carlo Barbers for Lesser gunclub, Harrison's moonbeam tan herringbone, dark brown minnis fresco, last two are W Bill tweeds
This looks ridiculous, maybe because it is a close up shot? This tweed looked much better from some other pictures I've seen.
Do they make short sleeve linen polos? That would be interesting for summer, no?
Gents, have a couple more of these left. Top two from left and middle two from right, also have couple of suitings, please pm if there is any interest.
Couple suiting also for sale, navy blue and charcoal Lesser and Huddersfield. Pm for more details, basic workhorse fabrics.
If Sub fits you well, go with it. I had the sub but maxi case didn't sit well on my wrist, it appears blocky. Rolex did a nice job with the lugs of SD4000, plus I think it has much more wrist prescence so I got myself a new sea dweller. A lot of people say that the higher price isn't worth it, to me it is worth every penny over Sub as it is quite different from the Sub.
Gents, still have some of these left so if you are interested, please pm me. I'll try to let them go fairly cheap so it is a good deal.
^^Its hard to say anything based on those pictures but after shots look good to me. Before shot is definitely too long and looks a little big. Is it R or L? Maybe you should simply go with a shorter length next time?
Speaking of 16710 bracelets, is it possible to fit the newer oyster bracelets onto 16710? I have the new Explorer I and was wondering if its bracelet will fit the GMT, any ideas?
What type of tweezers should one get to change the bracelet on Speedy?
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