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For a guy who writes so much about watches, I would think you have a huge collection of fancy watches. Please share your watches here so that we can admire them.
I need a strap as well, do you know a place one can source one without paying $500 for it?
Well, they are both easily available but I would rather let go of my Exp I before I get rid of my Speedy. So buy the explorer and keep speedy!
^^I have the Explorer I and like it a lot but I wouldn't trade my Speedy for anything, not even for Daytona.
Wearing my Speedy today, gotta love this watch. Probably most comfortable watch I own.
I bought a pair of penny loafers direct from RL and one from eddie on the board, they are the same size but the one I bought here fits very snug and I don't like wearing it. Has anyone experienced the same issue, I am just curious as to why there would be such a difference?
How about navy herringbone? Moonbeam bunch has a nice navy blue herringbone that would make a nice coat.
So where can I get some herringbone and ribbed socks for summer? I bought a few of these Corgi socks last year and like them a lot, I think I'm a big fan of ribbed socks. http://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/collections/sale-price-desc/products/corgi-ribbed-cotton-blend-socks-purple
The new explorers are nice although it takes time getting used to the cartoonishly big hands, I'm thinking to pick up the polar one soon. On a different note, I got my DSSD and have been wearing it for two days now. It did take me a full day to get used to the heft and thickness, I think I am still getting used to the weight but it is a very nice watch and I enjoy looking at it throughout the day!
$20,000 more??? That omega is about $4-5K, where do you live?
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