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How about linen shirtings similar to LL linen shirting quality? Some basic solids and stripes would be nice.
Newcomer, I think the jacket looks good, better than your linen Formosa,dare I say. I think that Formosa is too long for you and Eidos length is spot on (is it R or L?). The sweeping quarters look unusual but I think it is just part of the cut. How is it in terms of comfort?
^^How is the fit of Eidos?
Oh man,you shattered all my hopes. I don't know what I will do now.
I was just looking at this jacket, what is the best way to kop for CHEAP?!
Requesting a fit pic!!
Nice stuff, congrats. Now put them on and post some pictures. How is it that they turned out to be 3 roll 2.5 rather then 3 roll 2? Was it requested?Gdl, any thoughts? Can this be replicated or was it just a one off?
I believe this is already a discontinued model. I considered it a while back but it is very similar to Exp I so I passed. May still get it as a present to my father.
^^So there is going to be MTM program with Eidos? It might have been stated before but I must have missed it. Is it going to be through NMWA or through Eidos directly? Also, what would the primary differences be between Formosa MTO and Eidos MTM? Might be worth trying both!
Thanks Greg.Couple more questions. What do you mean by lapel? As in you can change the lapel width? Also, could you ask to do a true 3 button coat rather than 3r2?It looks like it is best to get measured once by Formosa and then place orders? I like the convenience of not traveling for fittings and if fit is good and it looks good from what I have seen on most, MTO looks very tempting. Hopefully it is a long term relationship with Formosa for your customers sake.
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