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Is he referring to Rolex when he says "Oyster"?
Ok guys, enjoy your bags! I hope they last you lifetime.
How much more is it to get the Filson? I have the small duffel bag and I think I paid less than $200 for it so not much more than Gustin. I'm not bashing Gustin here since I didn't handle their bags, couple of things that I received are actually very nice but their canvas bags didn't look all that good to me. These bags should last you a life time so it is better to spend a little more and get what you like rather than settle for something else. I might be biased as I am...
I don't understand why you guys any duffels other than Filson, hell any canvas bags other than Filson.
Academe, nice watch but that get up together with the Filson is crying for a Rolex.
Guys, I have three new pairs of suede and calf Alden made tassel loafers for Brooks. All new in the box in size 11D, if anyone is interested please pm me or check my sales threads.
Sounds like there are plenty of people interested in it, maybe another run can be organized?
Agnelli tweed isn't blue, Agnelli flannel is blue but both are very nice.
Those two different fabrics, windowpane on catalog is much bolder compared to the tweed you are looking at. Not sure how you can compare those, the one you are considering is meh. If you want something closer to catalog model, you probably can find something from the Moonbeam bunch.
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