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^^thanks guys, I guess I just need to try couple of sizes on and decide if RTW will work.
I think that you could do cold water and minimize shrinkage. You could also just get 36" inseam and not worry about shrinkage.
Is that a RTW jacket? Looking at measurements, it seems as though Formosa cuts have trimmed down a bit (primarily in the chest and shoulder area when you compare same sizes to prior season). Do your notice anything different in the fit, assuming you are getting the ready made stuff.Kyle,Can you confirm or deny the above? Do you see any difference between the seasons? Would like to give Formosa a try and see what will work for me.Thanks
Is this made by Ed's tailors, how is the process managed with remote fittings? Looks more balanced than the Formosa things you have posted. Not sure if it is angles but Formosa's buttoning point and lapel width seem off on you (at least on pictures).
I don't know where you are seeing the 40% off, all I see is 40% off of sales items. There was 40% off of everything during holidays but I'm not sure if it worked on LVC, wouldn't be surprised if LVC is excluded.
40% off doesn't work on LVCs, does it?
Gus, You should give the raw denim LVCs a try, just for the sake of experiment and see how it goes. I enjoy breaking them in and then soak them while having them on. Not so much to get fades but to get a better fit. I own 1933, 1944, 1947, 1955 and 1966. They are all different fits but I do enjoy them for different reasons, one drawback is that I practically can't wear them in the summer time😅 As for quality, LVC denim is quite good and when you put their regular line next...
Guys, it would be cool if Gustin offered coats (chore coats and maybe other types of coats) in indigo dyed fabrics. Similar to what Blue Blue Japan uses, given that BBJ's garments are short, there maybe interest for Gustin's garments made out of Sashiko/Kendo fabrics. Thoughts?
I had two sport coats and one suit made by them, the issue I have with them is that they tend to make their clothing too slim fitting. To a point I wasn't comfortable in their jackets, I had to actually bring them to a different tailor and let them out in the back to make them wearable. They fit fine now but I would be hesitant to have them make anything else although I think about it every now and then. I think there are plenty people who have had issues with their...
Did Vox stop placing orders?😅On a serious note, where are you getting your jackets made now? Not the English tailors but Italians who make lighter and warmer weather appropriate garments?
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