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Saw these jackets on Port flannel Instagram, any plans to offer them? They look like upcoming fall winter stuff. https://www.instagram.com/p/BAhBgIUrbqh/
I don't understand why Rolex released a new version of Explorer I. I have it and like it, it could be my one watch (possibly) and I keep staring at the new version but not noticing significant changes, most releases are similar (read DJ41, how is it different from DJII? Different clasp and thinner case?). Daytona C is obviously a hit and I've always disliked Daytonas but this one is so good that I could see myself getting one. That ceramic bezel with white dial is so...
DL, nice looking fabric. This one probably deserves to be made by a English tailor? Steed or Hitchcock or maybe even A&S, there is a slew of them traveling nowadays and offering MTM programs if you don't want to go bespoke.
Greg, can you please comment on the fit of this coat? Would size XL fit you well or would it be too slim? Measurements seem too small for XL, especially in the shoulder area. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/indigo-heavyweight-slubby-chambray-shop-coat-7283.html
Mimo, great job on the FAQ. I thought it would come out silly but it actually looks great! Belli, all great watches. I justify my watch collection by telling myself I will pass them on to my kids, so maybe you should do that😂 My vote would go for SD4K ( I have it and love it, I had the DSSD but it wasn't very practical), GMT and OP.
Greg, any sizing advise on IM pub jackets? Do you take L or XL in them?
Nice, Dino! Where does BLNR stand as far as satisfaction? Just curious? Close to RO or not even remotely close?
Will there be pre orders for Frank Leder? Specifically interested in the canvas deck jacket, would be even nice if we could have color options.
Mr six, do you have wide hips or are the pants lower rise? There is something off to my eyes as I go down from top to bottom, I think it has to do with the fit of pants.
Thinner seems to fit smaller so might be a good idea to size up?
New Posts  All Forums: