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Will there be pre orders for Frank Leder? Specifically interested in the canvas deck jacket, would be even nice if we could have color options.
Mr six, do you have wide hips or are the pants lower rise? There is something off to my eyes as I go down from top to bottom, I think it has to do with the fit of pants.
Thinner seems to fit smaller so might be a good idea to size up?
The right answer is you should get them all! Did you figure out your size in Thinner? Going with 7?
Is there optional lining for Bumfreezer? I thought it was only for the longer coats? So you could throw an additional lining on top of existing internal lining?
Greg, so what is the sizing advise on Bumfreezer? XL or XXL? I'm VI in SS, 4 in TS(S) could probably go 5 and 42 in Monitaly. I'm thinking XL?
Damn, that bumfreezer is so good. Dove gray would look good, navy herringbone would look good too.
I like mine a lot, fabric is awesome. I had mine made up with patch pockets so I need to get the pockets remade but other than that, it saves me in the coldest weathers.
What is that blue bomber style jacket with a hood? I don't think it is available for pre order but I'd like to know what it is called.
What do you mean small? Are the sleeves too short or the shoulder is too small for you? It would probably fit me if you want to move it.
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