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Do it Steel, do et. My only issue with 5 digit references is the bracelet, it takes a bit of time to get used to older oyster bracelets after you wear the new models. That said, there is something about 5 digit references, they look more like tool watches whereas newer models are more luxury items.
It is almost 100 degrees these days so steel bracelets are too heavy and uncomfortable, switching to leather and rubber!!
Was this option not available before? I'm thinking to pick it up but not sure if I should pull the trigger. Does the rubber feel substantial or is it flimsy?
Guys, watches are made to wear. It is the memories you build wearing those watches. The other day, my two year old boy must have taken my newly acquired explorer out of a drawer and played with it. I was not home and got back to find my watch on the stair case to the second floor!! I was obviously little surprised, I'm glad he didn't throw it somewhere, that would have been a bad memory.
Tricky, 214270 has a rounded shape case and so sits much better on the wrist compared to SubC or many other models. It is very comfortable indeed but is little too plain and may get boring at some point. I still enjoy mine and wear it for couple weeks in a row sometimes, especially during hot days when you don't want anything on your wrist.
I had one for literally 2-3 days but it never sat well on my wrist, it's blocky case never felt right and I had to let it go and get the new sea dweller. I never looked back, I think that SubC would be a great watch if Rolex didn't mess with the case and kept the tapered lugs similar to what they have done with the Sea Dweller.
DSSD has a smaller dial but is much thicker, this one has a much bigger dial so it looks bigger when you look at it. It does sit better on the wrist compared to DSSD though, deep sea is like a hockey puck as you know. I honestly have no idea why Rolex decides to make this explorer bigger, I think it would be perfect at 40mm.
Explorer II in the house, the watch wears pretty big compared to even my DSSD and SD4K, still getting used to it but quite pleased.
So you went for the Batman? Didn't you just get your Daytona a few months ago? Already flipped it? I thought long and hard between BLNR and EXP II 42mm black face, something about the case of GMTc that doesn't sit well with me, it is a blocky case and doesn't sit well on my wrist, just like the SubC. So I went the SD4000 and Exp II route, covers water, land and still has a dual time zone!
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