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Speaking of 16710 bracelets, is it possible to fit the newer oyster bracelets onto 16710? I have the new Explorer I and was wondering if its bracelet will fit the GMT, any ideas?
What type of tweezers should one get to change the bracelet on Speedy?
How to clean the chore coat? Laundry or dry clean?
I think your most recent coats have much wider lapels. I would scale it back a little, at least to 4" and maybe add a bit of shoulder extension if you think your shoulders are too narrow. You could probably get away easier with wider lapels if you do a 3 button coat with higher lapel roll. Just a thought.
I read that it is lined with titanium so probably more durable. I hope that straps can be bought separately at reasonable price, would be cool to switch up to rubber in the hot months.I'm torn on the YM, I can't decide if I love it or hate it.
Depending on gorge height, I would go from 3.75 to 4" but no more than 4. You can get away with wider lapels with higher gorge, I've been happy with 3.75" on lower gorge coats. Is that 4.5" on the gunclub?
Oh Hi Pliny, nice looking gun club. You may want to scale back on lapels a bit though, as much as I like wide lapels, it is too much when lapels go past half of your shoulder line.
True 3 button which I like for sport coats, I think the first one is made by Ercoles.
It is better than Omega's attempt to create yet another Speedy and call it white side of the moon but not by much.
Greg, how do the Niche sweatshirts fit? For reference, I would be XL in Merz sweatshirts. Should I go with XL in Niche as well? It says they fit large but not sure what that means within the context of Niche. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/sale-section/natural-and-grey-pareja-cotton-crew-neck-sweatshirt.html
New Posts  All Forums: