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Guys, I have 5 kamakura shirts.4 of them are button downs and one straight collar. They are small for me and I only laundered them once but never worn them. They are staples, size 16-36.5 and are NY slim fit,please pm me if you are interested, I'll sell them at half the price. Pics are below
Thanks, is your Omega 3570.50?
I don't know if Omega would do it, I would think not. I think an independent watchmaker is the way to go.
Tricky, I heard that Omega cut them out, I was curious if Ofrei has one of those laying around, I'd like to inquire but need the part number, hence the question.
Is this dial still available? Mind sharing the part number?
What size are your canvas butteros? Aren't you size 10.5US? I'm size 11US and would like to grab a size 43 canvas butteros left on your site. Problem is I have two pairs of leather butteros both size 44, they fit me well but I think I could size down a bit but not sure if I can size down full size. Also, leather probably stretches but canvas doesn't give a whole lot.
Do it Steel, do et. My only issue with 5 digit references is the bracelet, it takes a bit of time to get used to older oyster bracelets after you wear the new models. That said, there is something about 5 digit references, they look more like tool watches whereas newer models are more luxury items.
It is almost 100 degrees these days so steel bracelets are too heavy and uncomfortable, switching to leather and rubber!!
Was this option not available before? I'm thinking to pick it up but not sure if I should pull the trigger. Does the rubber feel substantial or is it flimsy?
Guys, watches are made to wear. It is the memories you build wearing those watches. The other day, my two year old boy must have taken my newly acquired explorer out of a drawer and played with it. I was not home and got back to find my watch on the stair case to the second floor!! I was obviously little surprised, I'm glad he didn't throw it somewhere, that would have been a bad memory.
New Posts  All Forums: