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Selling off some fabrics, below from L to R:Marling & Evans, Breanish, W. Bill herringbone donegal and two H. Lessers for Carlo Barbera. Please pm if there is interest.
^^We can still make it, just need to work out pricing with Breanish. Dopey, are you reading?
^^There was the LL Agnelli PoW run, which would work nice as a sport jacketing. We might still be able to pull the Breanish special run and do a large scale glen plaid.
I could not agree more, I would rather pay more and work with a tailor or house that will deliver a consistent product. This is not to bash NSM as I think they fill a certain niche in the market. When I started my bespoke journey 2-3 years ago, I used 4 different tailors in hopes to shortlist a couple I was going to use long term. I ended up liking the work of most expensive tailor as well as my local tailor, my local tailor doesn't do super nice job but he is local and...
They might be willing to rework things, however, you will have to wait for another 2-3 months to see the changes. In my case, they simply asked me to wear the garments they made for me and see if they would work for me. I ended up using a different tailor to have them taken out in the back as they were uncomfortably tight. For people who have to travel to meet with them, this is a major issue and a deal breaker. While I agree that they make a nice product, I just think...
Can someone post a review of their linen shirts? They are very tempting and I have to place an order very soon. My concern is the quality of linen, I don't want them to last just one season, is the linen substantial and holds well or is it the usual paper thin linen that is offered by most RTW brands?
What is the 4th sample in the first column from left? It doesn't have any details and what is the weight of it if you don't mind? I will try to get a jacketing length of it if I can.
NorCal, that sounds interesting. Maybe we can get it done? I'm looking for a brown herringbone too, that LL version looks good. Too bad I didn't sign up for it.
Is this for MTM shirts? What is the best way to get measured short of going to HK?
What is that fabric underneath?
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