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Guys, is there a problem with buying a Rolex with european paper and card? Will the warranty be ok in the US? Also, very town between BLNR and Exp II 42mm black face, I need a GMT so I am not going to get both, what do you all say? Exp II can be had for a lot cheaper too but I really like that black/blue bezel.
I'm not letting my Speedy go, it's funny because it doesn't get much wear, my rolexs usually get most of the wrist time but the Speedy would probably be the last one to go. Also, it is not going to fetch much money so you may as well keep it, it truly is a classic and such a great value.
I agree with this but will add that two pairs I have have broken in differently. I have the navy and burgundy, navy is still a bit stiff and didn't give much whereas burgundy given a bit much and is now almost too big, I can still wear them with thicker socks though.All this said, do you think that Canvass ones will give as well? I'm tempted to try the 43s in canvass but not sure how they break in.Maybe those who have canvass ones can chime in?
I just changed mine from leather as well, looks very different and I don't have to worry about leather giving up, my leather laces have become very flimsy, didn't even last me a year!
Ok, how are you knuckleheads taking the buttero in 43? I'm size 11 US and both pairs of butteros I have are size 44. They fit me well out of the box so there was no break in period. I ask because there is a pair of canvas taninos in size 43 that may work.
Has anybody bought the Esemplare Augusto fishtail parka? That thing looks awesome but I have no idea how it fits, any clues? Based on Patricks measurements, it sounds like I would need XXL in the parka.
I was comparing cotton to two ply fresco, I agree that light fresco is very good for hot days but there is no way 10/11 oz will work for summer, at least for me.
I don't know what peoples definition of summer is, where I am, two ply fresco is impractical. I have some single ply fresco which I think is much better, what good is the air circulation if it is hot outside? I think you should go single ply or cotton and linen in the summer. It just puzzles me when people say that they will get two ply fresco for summer, the damn thing can be worn almost 4 seasons as long as it is not windy in the cold days.
You guys are crazy if you think two ply fresco is a good summer fabric, it is scratchy and gets uncomfortable in the heat.
Is anyone selling the pennies? New, size 11.5 would be of interest.
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