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Now, that should be interesting. Would be nice to do some full patterned linens or wool/linen blends.
Yes, very similar to the LL shetland that Alden had proposed, I don't believe that one got enough subscriptions.
Unbel, what is the number on the grey with blue windowpane Sherry Tweed? I think it would make a great sport coat, I know grey is tough and people don't like it but I like it.
NewC, the coat looks great. Take shots from side and back view if you can, interesting to see how RTW fits.
It is funny, I have 5 of these fabrics. Voted for navy herringbone moonbeam.
^^I don't think that RTW pants will fit me so I can't do a suit, maybe we can mix it up and let people order a suit and a sport coat? And NewC, you should definitely go for green donegal, it looks smashing. You can look up Vox's coat somewhere, made up of W. Bill green donegal, looks very good. It is a solid so flies under the radar but at the same time interesting enough to the wearer.
Venividi, go for the 0520 fresco!!
^^Mr. Six, I think that the green donegal is a good idea, I have samples from W. Bill, I will check them out today. I would be in for green donegal if we can get something from W. Bill Also, pocketsquareguy has a brown sport coat made up by NSM, I think it is a Loro Piana fabric with wide herringbone, it is really nice. It would be great if we could get that made up, provided that fabric can still be located. Last but not least, anyone up for Air Force Blue fresco blazer...
^^It is navy blue, I will have to look the number up. I have the grey herringbone from that bunch and like it quite a bit.
I think that the navy herringbone from Moonbeam would make a great coat, the brown herringbone isn't bad either. I would be in for either of those or maybe both!
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