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That taichi jacket is fucking amazing!
That's sad... I hate when SA do that... do you remember how pricing was? Also saw your post on SZ, do you remember what PH yhey stocked at the maxifiields store?
Holy fuck that's epic! I'll check Leclaireur tomorrow, I'm sure pricing will be insane..
The Library has there ccp online:
Thanks sinnedk! But have you tried it on your Ccp leather jacket?
So otter wax or Saphir? Any one have any before and after photos? My fencing could use some love. Also here is God wearing Ccp
In case anyone was wondering how Ccp leather holds up to age.. Left: KALB 2007 Right: KALB 2010 (2008 reissue) Some scarring on the fencing, the right arm has soften quite a bit.. Still really great condition.
Beautiful colors on those derbies! Btw anyone have any leads on self edge vest bag? Any help really appreciated!
Hahah shit... Corrected
CCP Navel Pierced Tee
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