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Yea seen those crushable boots, more of an art piece IMO, also that jacket is posted above is known as the Wonton or Metre jacket. Retail was fucken insane if I remember...
Couldn't be further from the truth. I just sold my dolpib,it felt smooth soft and stiff.
Of course, he has held some of his presentations in slaughterhouse. I find this iteration really remarkable.
ccp vest bag dress fucken brillant ( color is skeptical but i guess its for chicks)
Haha I always thought mustache guy was Sergio also! Sergio Simone is part owner of CCP srl I believe.
I just sent my overlock to Ccp to get repaired even though my jacket is 5 years old! Sergio is the man! I highly recommend emailing him if possible, very understanding.
As regards to tape seams, all my tape on my tape seam items have dissipated due to wear and probably from the heat emitted from my body. Then again my items are from 08 and 09.
Posted some grails on grailed:
this one?
No worries, always here to help, donkey ( this one in particular) is very soft, buttery like, and lightweight id say. Reminisce of kangaroo in my opinion.
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