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Haha I always thought mustache guy was Sergio also! Sergio Simone is part owner of CCP srl I believe.
I just sent my overlock to Ccp to get repaired even though my jacket is 5 years old! Sergio is the man! I highly recommend emailing him if possible, very understanding.
As regards to tape seams, all my tape on my tape seam items have dissipated due to wear and probably from the heat emitted from my body. Then again my items are from 08 and 09.
Posted some grails on grailed:
this one?
No worries, always here to help, donkey ( this one in particular) is very soft, buttery like, and lightweight id say. Reminisce of kangaroo in my opinion.
Thanks! yea thats just the wrinkles, im a true 48 BTW, these usually fit fuller in the body area.
Nice fits! Thread could use more fits. If anyone is interested I'm thinking of selling my LM2499 High Neck Retractable Glove Leather Jacket in super rare DOLPIB (Donkey) the size is 46. Only two stores carried this in donkey, and in only one size run i believe. Here is a fit pic of it being worn opened:
Maxfields los angeles - anyone know their ccp stock list? Been too lazy to check it out.
i believe the 08 perforated parka is the portable sweat lodge.
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