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Maxfields los angeles - anyone know their ccp stock list? Been too lazy to check it out.
i believe the 08 perforated parka is the portable sweat lodge.
Hahah was actually thinking of wearing it sideways so i can fit a baby in the front pocket, but that doesn't work too well.
I too felt weird strolling the streets of LA in the vest bag. Ive had people give me weird glares, while some would come up to me to feel the vest. Its definitely a stand out piece, and you will attract attention be it good or bad. I remember one girl trying on the vest and saying that this thing will out live us all. What i admire about the vest bag is the ability to wear it over other items. It really takes most outfits to a different level. Like for example wearing it...
Beautiful! which jacket is this?
Seriously man... i just sold my kangaroo vest bag and i highly regret it... Some one offered me too much money for it, and thus had to let it go...
Zeile is definitely not worth it to be honest. I sold this exact blazer for half that price. Zeile is frail and doesn't really work for a blazer unless you like drapey blazers... Hardly any form or structure too it.
The vest is far from looking tremendously stupid, in fact its a masterpiece. The construction is insane, i can hardly wrap my head around it, alongside some of the object tanned ones taking i believe 24 months to complete. Definitely best seen in real life.
BBS Signature Leather in Hammered Black size S or M depending on the season BBS Hooded Tunic Shirt size L or XL BBS Drape Neck Tee Size L or XL BBS Tie Wrap Boots size 41-42 BBS Elongated Hooded Ninja Shirt size M or L BBS P11 in Gray size M or L
IC SS09 Robert Geller Petroleum Leather Zipper Bomber Jacket size 48. Still iffy on selling it, but could use the cash to fund for some music gear. Bought from yoh05 . Mint condition! Retail was over $1600. Here are the measurements for the Geller piece: Shoulders: 17 inches P2P 19.75 inches Sleeves: 26 inches Length: 26.5 inches Heres a pic from joey_formal: Price: $850
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