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It's been a long Pitti with spotty internet. The stories are coming.
Of course!
Yes. Under the preferences, you can request certain emails. Check the newsletter and uncheck the notifications you don't want. Also, under subscriptions, you can set all of the thread notifications to site only.
There is probably someplace to buy clothes around here . Look forward to meeting you at dinner tomorrow!
I actually prefer to pick out that sort of book for myself...though an amazon gift certificate might be nice. Online shopping is a great way to pass the time when the little one won't sleep at 3am.
Wash your face. Then moisturize. There are also some scrubs that claim to be gentle enough for daily use.
If you want to give her a gift, then make it something for her. She will be getting lots of things for the baby already. Perhaps some sort of "pamper yourself" care package. There are some great home spa products that you can even get at the drug store. Put that together in a basket with some herbal teas, a nice box of chocolates (speaking for myself here), etc. Flowers are also nice. If you know of a good place, a massage gift certificate (some place like Burke...
Does that just mean that they would have to use lard instead of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil? Of course, I am assuming that small amounts of naturally occurring trans-fat are ok. Otherwise, there will be no more steakhouses in NYC.
The bats are in the belfry the dew is on the moor where are the arms that held me and pledged her love before and pledged her love before Chorus It's such a sad old feeling the fields are soft and green it's memories that I'm stelaing but you're innocent when you dream when you dream you're innocent when you dream running through the graveyard we laughed my friends and I we swore we'd be together until the day we died until the day we died Repeat...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter Jen, just curious, are you talking body wieght squats, or squat rack squats? I don't think I have ever seen a woman do squat weight squats. Usually just body-weight squats. I do sometimes use the rack for stability when doing one-legged squats, but that's about it.
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